Sunday, September 30, 2007

People, process and products

Source: NY Times

The Unsung Heroes Who Move Products Forward

Published: September 30, 2007
The success of Apple, Intel, Google and scores of other technology companies has as much or more to do with their process innovations as the products.

Goes to the old debate about how entertainment figures draw so much attention while modern innovators rarely do as well, and maybe part of it is just visibility.

Like the opinion article linked to above mentions, these are people in the background building products which are what people see.

But it is so much bigger than computers, as who are the innovators figuring out the latest cars or airplanes, or making televisions flat or I wonder, how many people around the world know the key inventors of the television set?

Go way back and who figured out how to make glass? Or my own personal favorite when considering this question, how many people know what person or persons developed the spoon?

James Harris