Tuesday, December 23, 2008

PS3 super computing

Link above goes to: The Washington Post

Quote from the source:

Nothing Escapes the Pull of a PlayStation 3, Not Even a Black Hole
Scientists scrimp on supercomputer costs but still manage to solve a cosmic quandary with a little help from Sony's PS3.
Matt Peckham
PC World
Monday, December 22, 2008; 8:19 PM

How did Sony's PlayStation 3 solve an astrophysics puzzler? Easy: With a pallet full of sleek sable doppelgangers crunching the interstellar math in tandem....

The stories about people doing super computing work with PS3 clusters to me are remarkable.

It is an amazing machine, built originally for games?

Sunday, December 14, 2008

iPhone apps making developers lots of money

Link above goes to: Newsweek

Quote from the source:

There’s Gold In Them iPhones
Some kid in his bedroom can make a million bucks just by writing a little application for the Apple phone.
By Daniel Lyons | NEWSWEEK
Published Dec 13, 2008
From the magazine issue dated Dec 22, 2008

Looks to me like Apple figured out some things that no one else did (and maybe even surprised themselves) as one reason I liked open source was the easy entry, so I could put out software without hiring a law firm and worrying about returns or getting sued. Or the other reasons for high start-up costs.

Apple figured out how to give developers low start-up, low hassle, with money.

How are they so smart?

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Flat panels more affordable

Link above goes to: The New York Times

Quote from the source:

Technology / Technology
Flat-Panel TV Prices Plummet
Published: December 2, 2008
Thanks to increasing worldwide sales and economies of scale, a wide range of large-screen HDTVs are now available for three-figure prices.

The article starts out about price but then goes into more detail about picking the best value.