Saturday, June 11, 2011

Discovering new classes with Class Viewer

A while back I noticed myself using the Java StringBuilder class. But if I learned about that class long ago I don't remember it happening, and finally stopped to ask myself, how do I know about it now?

Answer is that I use the String class as my primary example class with my Class Viewer program. I was coming up with more examples or something and it turns out when I look at the String class with my program, there in the Constructors section is a construction of a String with StringBuilder.

It must have caught my eye, and I started using it without thinking about it much.

What I've noticed that Class Viewer gives me is a quick reference tool that is constantly updated. If there are any new public constructors, methods or fields to a class, I can see them immediately.

Beats having a book that may become outdated.

And that is how I started using a new class with String. Also notice that to keep up with the bulk of classes that handle Strings I can just use Class Viewer and only remember the String class itself, which is what I do.

Leaves more room to remember more important things.

James Harris