Sunday, September 22, 2013

Should Marvel go "Rogue"?

Having been a big comic book fan in the past I feel gratified by a lot of movie-making which has finally done the job needed for handling a fantasy reality where superpowers rule.

With that said it occurred to me that I have not seen a movie with the lead from one particular superhero who could, I think, handle the massive weight of a major motion picture all on her super-powered shoulders and that is Rogue.

Movies with female leads have been showing their box office clout, while Wolverine has shown that there is still room for other often singleton superheroes along with the perennial favorite Spiderman.

As a female lead superhero few are in the range of Rogue.

So should Marvel--or someone who has the insight and power--go a movie about Rogue?

(Assumed they have the rights to do so, and finally stumbled across indications they do not. Shows what I know about licensing issues around these characters which is admittedly not much! Will leave the post up though as, why not?)

I think they should.

Rogue can hang with the best of them at her maximum, while she has the vulnerability in character and in her story that can make her appealing to a wide audience. She can not only fly, punch, and hurl cars with the best of them, but she also has to deal with her root ability to steal superpower or memories or life energy.

Of course modern movies are massive investments, but hey, it's the web so I can express my opinion. And maybe some people with clout have already realized the above and there is something in the works.

If so, great thanking you unknown people who help bring the Marvel Universe to life on the big screen!!!

You continue to impress me.

If not?

Go Rogue.

And give us more. And it better be great. Her character deserves nothing less.

I am a HUGE fan of the Rogue character. I am certain there is a lot of strength and power there which is the raw material needed. Getting it right is the job of others.

There are few if any minor heroes in the Marvel Universe.

There may be too many writers and directors not up to the challenge.

Get the best, and make them deliver.

Thank you for your time and attention. And, um, that's it.

James Harris
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