Saturday, January 17, 2015

My opinion on best case idea scenario

The web world is so new that I find myself trying to figure out things, and do things that make sense from that analysis so maybe to other people it's too mysterious. And while I think mystery matters, I also think it pays to help people understand.

So I'm going to explain what I think is a best case idea scenario, by using an example of what I think was very close.

Years ago I was frustrated with my pc waiting on it to load.

After a bit I opened a web browser which was going slowly while the freaking thing continued to load, and I'm thinking to myself: that's silly, why is this computer loading a bunch of stuff I don't need?

So at some point I decided to write a post. And while writing, it occurred to me that what I was thinking was that there should be a browser focused operating system. And I'm like, hey, that's BOS.

So that's what I called it. And that post was back May 2008. And if you read it, I was a little hyperbolic. Was kind of in a ranting mood that day I guess. Smiling re-reading it now, as it's not too bad, but that's why I try to not post too emotional. And noticed that I didn't go too much into specifics though I kind of surprise myself reading it as to how many I did give, or tried to give.

But you know it's just some ideas I had. Had a place to put them, and kind of wanting that to happen, plus I assumed it was inevitable.

And of course Google came out with a COS, the Chrome Operating System.

Did they use my ideas? I have no idea and would just as soon presume, no. It's not like it's that big of a leap. And reality is that I don't need the attention if they did, though I was mentally prepared for it. Like I've done with lots of things.

The web lets you do this weird thing, as it gives independent validation for the factual points. Notice, nothing for anyone to challenge in this post, and no reason for me not to have put that post up over 6 years ago!

The web validates everything for you. That's so cool. Takes a while to process though.

But take it from me, it's very annoying arguing with people about stuff. Web can handle that for you on automatic.

That's my best case idea scenario: I put out some ideas, a little later the market produces something I think is similar, and I don't get bothered by any of it.

James Harris
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