Sunday, February 08, 2015

Beyond Mundane Social Awards?

Loving the role of chance in life. Earlier today, I went to Netflix to watch something and came across this documentary about the Academy Awards, so I'm like, ok looks interesting. And I'm loving this thing, and they mention how they got started and I'm like, why not start my own? And I talk about social media enough, so I have an opinion and doing an appreciation award is like nothing, so I'm putting the idea out there.

My aim with this first step when it's an idea I had a few hours ago is to do the minimums, where it's an opinion about those who best aid, help or support the benefits of users in communicating with each other through computing devices.

The initial award or awards will be simply my opinion, while I reserve the right to expand and change the format as necessary to include input from others.

This initial award will be an expression of appreciation for the best in social media in a few selected categories as decided by me, with a blog post dedicated to that excellence.

There is no monetary benefit stated or implied. No medals, statutes or certificates to be presented of any kind. There is no expectation of benefit to me of any kind, nor any expectation of benefit to awardees or nominees of any kind. There is no obligation given nor implied to any party with regard to these 2015 awards of appreciation. 

I am acting as a private entity, with an expression of opinion, on a public forum.

I am permanently excluded from any Beyond Mundane Social Award.

Awards are to be the first Sunday of March, and should reflect activities from the prior year, from the first of the year until the end of that year, midnight to midnight GMT.

1. Best Social Organization Major--award is appreciation for the best overall company in social media designated as major by total number of followers. For start I'll use organizations with greater than 100 million active users. Nominees are to be listed in order of active users from greatest to least.

Nominees for 2015 BMSA's BSOM are: Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Twitter

Honorable Mention(s): Weibo, definitely a major social network, if I knew more about them am sure would be a serious contender for the top spot. For this year though my ignorance means that is not possible.

2. Best Social Organization Junior--award is appreciation for the best overall growing company in social media not designated major as determined by total number of followers. Nominees must have existed for the entire calendar year of 2014. Nominees can be listed in any order.

Nominees for 2015 BMSA's BSOJ are: Pinterest, WhoSay, Disqus, Livefyre

3. Best User Interface on a Social Media Product--award is an appreciation for excellence in providing means of communicating that best enables users, with a worldwide focus. Social media crosses many language and cultural barriers which test the limits of humanity's ability to communicate. Nominees are to be user interfaces on any social media device.

Nominees for 2015 BMSA's BUI are: UI Apple iPhone, iPad; UI Android mobile, tablet; 

4. Best Coder in an Open Source Software Product--open source allows the ability to see which code works, and excellence in coding should be recognized in order to facilitate more of it. Nominees are to be selected from the open source community for an open source product that has strong social features. Nominees are to be presented in alphabetical order by last name.

Nominees for 2015 BMSA's BC are: Werner Koch, Linus Torvalds

5. Best in Social Media--award is appreciation for the person, group or organization which has pushed the envelope in advancing social media in a way of greatest benefit to the world. It is meant to be a measure of substantial esteem, and to set the bar for excellence, to those who have shown the best that is possible, so far. Nominees are to be listed person or people first, followed by groups, followed by companies, in alphabetical order, which is by last name for people.

Nominees for 2015 BMSA's BEST are: Elon Musk, Apple, Google, LEGO, Netflix

That seems like a good start. New categories can be added as needed in additional areas where appreciation is to be shown for excellence in social media.

This post will be updated as new nominees are determined by me. If none can be found for a category that will be not awarded.

Awards are to be announced in a post on this blog on the first Sunday of March. So this year that is March 1st. 

Unless I change my mind. That was fun. Brainstorming this idea and following a format I've seen elsewhere.

This post could face serious editing over the next few days, or just disappear if I suddenly think better of it.

Like isn't Netflix supposed to be in there somewhere? Yup. Got some serious thinking to do, and editing. Where do I put them? And others not mentioned? And oh yeah, too American? Shouldn't I have Weibo for instance? But will admit I know so little about them. Reality is I am an American, and for this year that bias will show as I don't really have an alternative.

And oh yeah, gotta figure out those places where I don't have nominees! Work. Oh well. Shouldn't be too hard. Quite simply refuse to work too hard at this idea. It's not meant to be a monster for me. Part of me ponders, should I continue?

But you know, I have this blog with such a cool name. And I spend SO much time on social media, with an opinion and would love to celebrate excellence in it.

This first year would just be proof of concept. If there are BMSA awards in 2016 it could be an entirely different thing. First off, no way I'll continue if it's just my opinion. (Changed my mind on that one. ___JSH February 12, 2016) But figuring out how to do awards with world wide input could be a challenge. But also could be a LOT of fun.

May go nowhere. May just sit as an idea I had one day like so many others, or who knows?

Maybe someday people will be proud to receive a BMSA.

James Harris
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