Monday, May 18, 2015

Big thing I see in Google+, privacy

Being someone with ideas I find I tend to try out lots of social media, and one of those is Google+ which seems to have a marketing problem, which doesn't surprise me.

From what I've seen Google as wildly successful as it is in search, tends to let other things market themselves, which also tends to work, like with YouTube. But for some things it really doesn't and I think Google+ suffers from a lack of knowledge of what you can do with it.

For instance one my favorite accounts is +San Francisco Giants where that links to their account, and they have me in their circles!!! And Google+ which I will call G+ from here on out, says I have 261 "people" in my circles and they are one. And I give that info out since they have it public last I checked.

But lots of other accounts don't, and I respect that and don't discuss accounts which have me in their circles when that is not public, which is a key strength of G+ which doesn't lend well to marketing unless you play it up, which is privacy.

You really don't know who is in whose circles unless they let you know, and it can be a really big deal. When I lived in San Francisco, some of my best times were watching the Giants play. It's a special thrill with all those people cheering, and watching those balls go out into the water on homeruns. Why do they have me in their circles? Not completely sure, don't want to test it, and hesitant at this point as don't want to ruin it! But G+ gets SO MUCH criticism, and Google doesn't seem to be marketing a lot for them, so gotta say something. And I think they're a great example.

The other side of it though is you're like, please, PLEASE, please don't drop me! Sometimes torture myself worrying about that one, so big deal bringing it up here.

Oh, so do I get anything private? Nope. But the potential is thrilling too. It could happen, if for some reason they decided to talk to the thousands in their circles. Or just me.

And I'm not sure how I got in their circles and if I knew wouldn't explain it. It's a fan thing. But actually I don't really know.

So much about what makes G+ great is what people don't tell you. It is the best social media I'm on where I feel like privacy is well respected. (Do I know for sure? Nope, but how could I in this day and age?)

I say if you are not on G+ you might give it a go, and why want millions of followers? If you're a fan, just consider how big for you a single one can be.

Think about it.

And can't promise that would be a mega account of some super sports team that has dominated its world, but it could be friends and family. And you can have your quiet world to outsiders, where people only know if you let them know.

Most people can't manage attention from millions of other people, and why try?

James Harris
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