Saturday, October 31, 2015

More on ideas for community

Had fun earlier today brainstorming ideas for Twitter, which may or may not be useful. But guess it begs the question: if useful why just give such ideas away?

And make no mistake, ideas on this blog are just FREE and completely given away with no expectation of something in return. I've started thinking one way to put it is, not an idea squeegee man.

So why give away ideas I at least think are valuable? Others might wonder, is it because don't believe could be paid for them? And I don't know but to me that's immaterial as community is a value to me and global community is something where I have lots of concern.

Which means that if I see a global community value then to my mind the payment is in benefit to the world, and yup, am on the same planet as everyone else.

Wouldn't mind leaving for a bit, but have not yet figured out how to build a starship.

In any event, worked through when to charge in a post already on this blog. And one of the reasons for figuring out my positions on such things is so I don't have to worry about explaining over and over again. Explain once and can just link to something.

Though it can take me a while to get what I think is the best explanation, so have addressed this subject with other posts.

Is it possible might act as a consultant on things if someone wanted to hire me and do the entire contract thing? I don't know. Turns out it's a more difficult problem for me than most, and explaining? Well haven't got that one down yet.

James Harris
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