Monday, November 23, 2015

Better informed

Reality today is those who make the effort can get the info which means being better informed than could be possible in the past.

For instance I could go do a web search on some political candidate and in five minutes find out more than would ever be told in the past by mainstream media, especially on television, with information going back decades.

In the near past a politician just needed to make it past a week or two until a bad story would die! Isn't that amazing?

Now that same story can still be crushing the career for years, and years and years, as it's relevant information, and people NEED it. They needed it before, but how to find it?

Gatekeepers could exploit the public.

Millions were made by people who figured out how best to lie.

And why? Because they could control this very addictive source of information called television, and they still do to a large extent, but what you don't see on television?

You can find on the web.

What will one of the most informed generations of all time do with that information?

They will change the world.

In what way?

We'll see.

James Harris
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