Saturday, November 21, 2015

Expanded human reality

Back when television ruled attention around the globe, the people who controlled it were mostly wealthy, and were usually White males. One of the things they pushed was the idea that EVERYONE really wanted to be rich, and deep down wanted to be White. But at least they didn't think everyone wanted to be male! But they pushed the idea that every woman wanted to have sex with a wealthy White male.

And if you had had that kind of control, would you have done different?

Then the web arrived and human attention spread out. That power began to fade.

So today people are not necessarily taught any of those things, and we get to see much more of an expanded human reality. People of all ethnicities showing up across media, even like me here.

And women who aren't even interested in men at all, let alone wealthy White men.

There is nothing wrong with money. It has great utility in allowing us to get service from strangers. And is the system in place for so many things, but there are so many other things in human life as well.

The web seems fascinated with so many things. And one of those things is in taking the old system apart, exposing people within it, including many of their excesses, and not really passing judgement on it either. Just curiously illuminating it.

The web is so much about curiosity. An urge to know as much as can be found.

James Harris
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