Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Speaking to a dream

You can think dreams
But what can that hold?

Come as they will without our command
Gone in blinks with opened eyes

Restless for a new day, or restful
unless sleep disturbed

A kiss wished upon her lips
Still just a dream deferred

Command my sleep, command my soul
Looking for comfort, someone to hold

Thoughts can chase dreams
But where is the heart?

Finding emotion behind the shields
Sharing is believing, finding ways to trust

With each heartbeat movement forward
must escape the cold, find the door

Find arms around her ample hips
Still just a dream wishing more

Cry into the night, for the better part!
Chase with the passion, search through the art

Challenged is the night
Sleep when can you call?

Dark as her raven tresses
She sleekly moves in visions behind restless eyes

A dream alive in a beautiful body
to give such connection so precious to a mind

To touch her, hold her
So wonderful, so kind

Keep telling her all, so together will fall
We'll find in us our heart, move beyond the stalls

When sleep will nightly stay restful, know she'll be near me
The calls finally made, now she'll hear me

Hold her, love her, will find the way

When with sweet dream best thoughts will forever hold sway

Her Day. Best Day.

Best way. Our way.
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