Sunday, February 28, 2016

One of my favorite tweets

Here's a tweet that I think has a lot of lucky about it. Because it's saying something about tweeting, while the tweet exemplifies it. So it's like a meta-tweet.

Here it is:

And it's talking about punctuation in a tweet, right? And every comma DOES mean something, which is shown in that very sentence with--a comma. I capitalize to show emphasis in the sentence talking, yup, capitalization. And only exclamation had to go outside sentence talking it, but dramatically!

And the entire tweet? Exactly 140 characters.

Went to Open Office to get a character count can show:

And the image does get a little bigger if you click on it.

And to me, is lucky cool that could make a tweet that talks all that at all, but that it would all come out perfect as well? I like that.

I find it remarkable.

James Harris
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