Thursday, February 18, 2016

Social Awards 2016: BSOJ detail

Continuing with the categories for my own appreciation awards to be announced March 6th, nominees for the second category have been set.

Best Social Organization Junior--award is appreciation for the best overall growing company in social media not designated major as determined by total number of users. Nominees must have existed for the entire calendar year of 2015. Nominees can be listed in any order.

Nominees for 2016 BMSA's BSOJ are: Pinterest,

This category really shrank. Which may mean shifts for next year. The idea is to focus on up and comers who haven't hit an arbitrary milestone where I've used number of users. But thankfully found two so can decide between them. And in my opinion, each has demonstrated clear excellence in this category, which is why they were chosen.

And Pinterest remains where it is definitely one of the more unique social media companies, where love its ability to organize with pins.

And is also a unique company giving an opportunity to, ask questions, and maybe get answers.

Across these awards of appreciation my opinion in picking one above the others is as usual focus on social relevance, with a local or global emphasis.

Like with the major category, the emphasis on social relevance is related to ease of use, which includes user interface, as well as the power of discovery.

In finding a best for this category the opinion will hinge on the efficiency with which these organizations facilitated my social interactions or those of others, last year.

James Harris
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