Monday, September 05, 2016

Thoughts on upcoming movie Captain Marvel

As much as I talk about entertainment is also the case have expressed opinion on this blog more specific, and seemed like a good time to do a follow-up because of movement in the actual entertainment industry in an area where I talked a few things.

So back September 22, 2013 went fan with a post on the subject of Marvel doing a movie on the character Rogue. What has since happened is that the movie Captain Marvel is now slated for 2019 according to iMDB page linking. Think it should be great.

And actually REALLY like the casting of Brie Larson as coincidentally before the announcement a while back had watched a few things about her, and especially liked this actors on actors thing she did as can so identify with her story. She has been through so much, but yeah what does that have to do with casting? I don't know. I don't claim to know casting but feel good about her as the choice for Captain Marvel.

As a fan am just glad Marvel manages to do as well as they do. Feel ok putting out opinions on my own blog but no delusions about where that goes.

Oh yeah, so Captain Marvel where link to the Marvel page there, is the person from whom Rogue stole her powers so really is kind of close.

And that's the update. Is interesting to me at times the things have put on this blog, and most of it just roll on without necessarily any kind of follow-up. But will admit was too much fun to pass up the opportunity here. So now this post.

James Harris
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