Sunday, February 26, 2017

When attention is challenging

Over two decades ago I found myself working at some problems for fun, with the general desire to keep the mind exercised, and in time found myself certain that some things I discovered were a BIG DEAL where so much of what happens next is about others, if that is true. Luckily for me the web was in the process of becoming a big deal during that time.

If I understood earlier things I know now could have processed attention I found myself receiving in a different way. But my perspective was 20th century, so when I finally got Google Analytics on my blogs, including this one back in 2007, was a shock to see visits from lots of countries. Actually that's when I first looked up how many countries there were, as hadn't really wondered before.

Problem though was, besides those web analytics numbers I really didn't have much of an indication.

So imagine you have some ideas, where mainly I had some math, and you're trying to see where that can go, where yeah can put things out on the web! Like in the movies they do that all the time. And finally you see web data and it shows visits from MOST of the countries in the world, and you're like, huh?

For a bit was looking around trying to see if I was missing something. Then was wondering if the data was just wrong. Then got back to figuring I was missing something, and in many ways it's been like that ever since.

Now though I accept that yes, I have been getting visits from people from all over the world, where use a lot of techniques now to check, including cross-checking against 4 blogs, and trying to find other ways to measure and other companies besides Google.

So how is it possible though? And how to handle the emotional challenges?

Apparently it is possible because the web not only makes it possible it enables people like me in situations like mine. Web actually may in some sense be intrigued by my situation.

And I'm making up the questions for me to answer so wanted to point out emotional challenges must exist! Like were times I felt cheated. Where have worked through much of how have handled on this blog. But yeah got motivated to understand how the world worked, not surprisingly.

There were times really got frustrated too, should admit, and that spilled over into public things. Where it did not work well. For me there were disappointments in terms of my expectations I had to work through.

I learned.

So what can you do with global attention? Lots, but carefully.

Years ago was much more gleeful in testing all kinds of ways. And learned, be careful. I have responsibilities to my world, and myself of course. I think as the years go by, more and more appreciate the situation and recognize people have a right to expect certain things.

As humanity progresses and science and technology advance, things actually always shift in ways that people can't predict before. Then it is just the new normal. It can be hard to get perspective on just how much the 21st century is already different from the 20th, but I DO try.

And I have LOTS of motivation.

James Harris

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

My attention reality and commerce musings

The idea that where people direct attention can be related to commerce isn't at all new. While I've enjoyed for quite some time what I recognized as a sharing reality with what I put up public. Which here continues. But I finally decided to try and go commercial with a blog which is in the process, which I decided to call Seriously Commercial so I'd stay focused.

But I can't just set out to do things like they've been done, as for one thing I think that's less effective and also, it makes me feel uncomfortable. For instance I've noted that I don't get paid to talk anything, and have a position that if that changes I would inform where I put a page on Seriously Commercial to keep up with such things. Now of course notes no paid endorsements.

To some extent it feels odd to note such things but then again I do talk about global reach which potentially could be used for moneymaking purposes, I'd think. Have thought such things before! And finally interested enough to work at it a bit.

However, I believe that directing attention works best if done best as great referral.

Which to me is a very different way from like, a television show which will take ads with whatever system they use for picking them and I don't know. Do know have seen plenty of commercials where am like, oh no.

There are areas where I've focused more objectively like noting areas where I have measures from others showing interest, various things I've done have pulled from quite a few countries. It makes sense that with that information I have some ideas about what it takes to interest my fellow human beings all over planet Earth. So kind of convoluted.

Well at least that seems logical to me!

So yeah, I haven't done anything paid to direct attention, and created a blog to handle that kind of thing, which means other areas like here remain free to just do like I've been doing. Will note that am thinking of my Facebook page as a place to support the commercial blog, so it links to it.

To me it's really cool as to be someone who has demonstrated can get global attention for over a decade who has been very careful to be very wary on the money-side is comforting to me now.

SO many convoluted sentences in this post! But subject area makes me way uncomfortable.

My focus on sharing information as I have has been pragmatic to me.

And more than likely? Is how I got to learn so much. If I had been money focused earlier it's probable that would have changed lots and even now am not really money focused as sharing interesting things is so much more fun.

James Harris

Monday, February 06, 2017

Reads great on mobile

Posts here will format for your mobile device, like your smartphone. And reads well! Just checked it myself. So yeah you can read posts here easily enough, on your smartphone or other mobile device.

If you can do voice search, just say: beyond mundane

Yuck, only got #2 when did that search! Hey, if lots of people click on the blog...maybe we can get #1. Really like having that position.

But yeah, will format for your mobile device and I say, why not check it out?

One of those nice things that Blogger can do.


Saturday, February 04, 2017

One way you can help

One way you can help me, is if people are talking entertainment, and if you believe it should add, can casually state: well entertainment really is just a way people use to safely control mood.

Or something like that. Just two important elements: control of mood and safety

And that's it!

Executive summary of my situation

Discovered some important and powerful things including important ideas in several areas. However ran into a silent treatment from established experts. Also struggled with anxiety with the attention I found I was getting primarily from analytics provided by Google, which for years questioned.

But also for years I reacted by discovering more, and branching out into different areas, which became immensely satisfying. However, I also discovered the difficulty with leveraging the attention for monetary purposes, without credibility from established sources. Which means have struggled financially. And have had very little money for long periods of time, relying on family and community help.

Turning my curiosity and analytic techniques on to the problem simply defined money, monetary systems and attention reality to understand celebrity and promotion.

Now having finally convinced myself of the validity of my ideas with my own techniques am turning my attention to resolving the situation.

However, simple conclusion now is: need to make relevant contacts who will accept the above and help me. There is only so much can do on my own.

The entertainment industry I've realized offers a possible way to more easily show value to others, escape needing experts, break the silent treatment tactics that have worked surprisingly well for certain ones of them, and move forward.

It is not clear however how well this path will work compared to others so uncertainty for me continues.

James Harris

Friday, February 03, 2017

When other people are required

There are three areas where I can focus simply, to talk some of the problems I need to solve, where yeah, other people are required for certain things to happen. Like I note I found some math, and yes, you can search to find it with: some math

Still would need some mathematical experts for things to MOVE. Like imagine a reporter wanted to do a story. There's no story there. Just some guy noting he found some math. BUT a couple of mathematicians chime in? How about two or three leading mathematicians? THEN the reporter would have a story, and it'd be a giant one.

And I made up my own functional definition of science. I claim it can explain science, tell you when someone is doing science or not without you needing expertise,, so what? Just me talking. But get a couple of scientists? See? Have a consortium of scientists excitedly talking about this thing, and yup, you have a news story that could lead on papers around the globe.

So why won't they? Who cares. Main thing is I've went down that road somewhat and found doors closed. But I say, who needs those people? Um, ok if I want anything to MOVE with those prior two things, I do. But what if I can just move on?

So we reach entertainment and something fascinating happens, I do NOT need experts.

One of my recent posts sets forth a science of entertainment, which may seem esoteric. If you want an example and are sci-fi motivated you can read my analysis of the BattleStar Galactica reboot to see some early work before I even decided really was a science. Or read me discussing what I call the mood line.

My functional definition of entertainment has the unique ability of helping you understand what entertains you and others, better.

It also lets me deconstruct entertainment including current entertainment which I do NOT do publicly in general, as it can ruin it for some people. Like I watch a movie or a television show I'm often analyzing why it is entertaining. I can even see mistakes as they happen that mess up the mood line. And can see areas of improvement, on the fly.

But like do you REALLY want to know why you're so fascinated by zombies (if you are)? Or why people in capes are interesting? Or how that drama really pulls those emotions from you? I do. Most don't I'm sure.

Good news is that understanding the 'why' of entertainment doesn't mess things up, as it just focuses on YOUR mood, if I'm correct!

But unlike with my work in mathematics or my functional ideas about science, with entertainment I simply need YOU.

I prefer to be entertained anyway. And if my ideas are correct?

The entire world can be better entertained. I find the very idea exciting. Sure world can use math things and science is kind of important but those things take time and in the meantime, I like to have fun. And if I can help a world, why not?

And been working on it for a little while now. Have you noticed the difference yet?

Yeah, sounds kind of, um wacky. Sometimes feel kind of pulled along by my ideas. As yeah, if I can define science which is a big one, then why can't I define a science of entertainment? It's like it seems straightforward then I think implications if correct, then kind of tell myself to stop thinking of such things to control the shaking, or the nausea. I like the shaking better than the nausea.

But yeah can't get ANYWHERE with those other things unless certain experts will support my ideas. And I have some big things that are over a decade old. One is over twenty. Other thing with support from experts is sharing the sense of responsibility. Like hey, not just me with these things. Got other people on the hook too!

The web supports me NOW though, but we're still in transition. In time web authority will be enough.

It is so new but is actually better support for a lot of reasons.

However, I can shift easily enough. And with a global reach? Yeah, I can impact the world of entertainment and it IS fun, and it IS a service, to the globe.

Yeah still sounds wacky. Not feeling nausea though which is good.

Well those are things I tell myself. What would YOU do with global reach?

Besides gives me back a sense of opportunity. Waiting on other people is a pain. And understanding entertainment is win-win. Will admit enjoy entertainment much more now. Even though I tend to analyze much. But that's just part of who I am.

James Harris

Thursday, February 02, 2017

Some yearly stats

Figured may as well give some stats for yearly blog visitors, and then talk about kind of things that run through my mind including what I like to think is a functional perspective.

And going to Google Analytics to make this post and just picking the fun things. That is, things most dramatic and country counts then:

84 countries for the year 2016, 547 cities within those countries.

And the language count is kind of interesting too, so: 57 languages

Presumably that's helped by Google Translate. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, Thank You! To those who visit here!

Need to express that more. So working on it. Um, back to stats.

And now am curious, so will go back to 2015:

49 countries, 247 cities

25 languages

Interesting big change. Can I go back to 2014? Yes.

65 countries, 325 cities

31 languages

And that's just some numbers. And I puzzle over such things wondering why. And is ONE blog where I have 4, and 3 of the 4 have these kinds of numbers. Where one tends to only have readership from around a dozen countries. Ok, should check. And yeah, my blog Lost in Commentary had visits from 10 countries for 2016, and 47 cities though in those countries. And 4 languages.

Usually I don't link between blogs. In the past they all linked to each other, but I was checking some things and delinked them YEARS ago and it's easier that way. Cross comparisons help though so I can see it isn't just some random thing! People aren't just maybe tending to visit tons of blogs or something and reality is, how do they know where a blog is anyway? It's a highly particular activity going to a blog.

Functionally I tend to post things and then start checking as best I can what is the impact of a particular post, which is more an art than science which I don't like. And yes, conceivably could look at making it a science but oddly enough, not very motivated. I'd just focus and focus and focus on those country counts and wonder.

So yeah am then known in a LOT of countries, probably, I guess, if you accept those stats from Google Analytics and why not? Easier for me when I just kind of shrug. But I don't think that's um constructive? Healthy? Adult?

Well it beats the alternative. When I post something? Yeah, I suppose there are people reading. And that's the way I like it.

And that is human interest reported by a third party. Why would Google lie? I have pondered such things and they have no reason. Sure you may wonder if I'm giving accurate info, which is why I've also referred to things that are public where the numbers are MUCH bigger. Like for my open source project Class Viewer with 4138 downloads from 109 countries. Ok will link to it here too, when usually don't.

The stats are publicly available as is an open source project on SourceForge but I don't link directly to the stats as I see it as a waste of the server. More people might click a link than really care, and those who care can do the work to get to them.

Each of my things is in its own lane though, which took me years to accept. People drawn to this blog aren't necessarily interested in my open source project even though it links to here. Part of a vague idea I had over a decade ago that didn't play out the way I thought.

Human interest fascinates me. Feel like I just sort of wandered into this reality of having things that can interest people in lots of places and started THEN to note, hey am a guy who knows things that interest people all over the planet, maybe I should study that, so I do.

Reading back through, prefer to give less of my thinking as is cleaner writing I think. But it is worth it to me to have that down, kind of thoughts that must drive decisionmaking too. Sometimes it's good to put them out there to study. And if helps others see my perspective, good too.

James Harris

So what happened

Realized may as well put down in writing situation as I see it more personal. Kind of get close at times but making another effort here with this post. And big thing was wanted to do something important with my life like many people do, and ended up focused on ideas and discovery.

Well aware of my limitations though I figured I'd pick an easy area for me in a difficult subject area, and try to get lucky, where can be hard to explain how that works, but understand was looking for easy. Technically I concentrated on elementary methods in mathematics, which means avoiding all kinds of hard analysis, including calculus, though I ended up finding something where did it anyway, as was needed. That result if true is one of the biggest in mathematical history. But how do you know? You can't know just from me saying here or anywhere. Others would have to agree for most to know, though some can check me easily enough.

But that was all on the side. Had a job and was thinking about careers and for awhile was professional software developer which made sense as have been coding since was 12, but bounced around with lots of things as also have wanted to be a writer. So I gave myself permission to do much, to learn about as much as possible, and settle down later and maybe even try to write a book.

Then ran into what looked like overwhelming success with discovery, multiple times. Each time was a shock to the system really. Luckily and oddly after some things that looked WAY too big for me to really have I ran into a period where math things I had were just wrong, wrong, WRONG and the self-doubt ultimately helped me massively. That may sound odd, but at 26 I had a result which is the least one I talk, which if correct would put me on the map at a level hard to explain. Later I struggled and it made me feel better. My abilities had to have limits. Figuring out how to know though, I defined mathematical proof itself with my first functional definition. Just so I could be able to check myself.

The web was developing during this time, and that really became important for me with ease of distribution of information.

So while I was struggling with convincing myself around my own ideas and also at times trying to convince experts to some extent, the web let people just check things out regardless and only now do I understand certain basic realities.

Like human interest is rather picky!!! And in fact, it's smarter to question myself than to question an objective reality showing it. Which guides me now as a smarter way to think about it.

That is, to me it is hard to fathom drawing interest at certain levels, but if objective measures say ideas I have do, then go with the objective measures. I used to joke about challenging Google as it seemed easier than processing what the data was saying.

Getting wordy. Wondering if I've wandered away from goals of this post.

Ok, so reality is that objective measures agreed with the assessment I had found important things, and some people were not doing what was expected and some other people were still doing things based on the way things had been. That is, mathematical experts clearly decided they could sit tight on my results, and the press just had no clue about anything. I watched them with the recent American presidential race with fascination. Concluded that most in the press, still do not understand the web, at all.

I branched out for good reason. There were things I wanted to know! And if I had these discoveries at the level it appeared I did, then I'm like, well I should be able to do more! And that challenge meant I could look for answers to some big questions, not as a person who was looking to prove himself really, but as a curious person who almost felt like he had this unbelievable opportunity.

So I took my functional approach to science with a definition. That definition allows me to check scientists will note, without needing to understand their field in detail. I wanted to help the climate change debate, which was the primary motivation.

More recently my curiosity turned to entertainment, so I could understand the 'why' of it. There finally I had something that could go beyond a narrow audience of experts too! I realize that is most likely why country counts for this blog jumped so high suddenly. It was relevant to more people.

If correct, these ideas can change the lives of every single person on planet Earth, not just because say, math or science is important, but also because entertainment is such an integral part of the human experience.

Lots of times I see myself as just some guy. And I come across these things, like writing. And part of me knows I wrote these things, but is even better when years ago and feels distant. As it's like I'm coming across things written by's hard to explain. But THAT person who yes is me, but feels different has a confidence that fascinates me. Seems to look at reality as if seeing through it. And makes predictions that come true. Puts out ideas that move the world. And then just keeps on going as if were NOT a big deal at all.

While I focus on the day-to-day and worry about things like paying bills and making a living. I'm the aspect of that person who gets to consider how to live with my fellow humans, and keep things going when the other part of me isn't in the process of changing the world in some way.

It's like living in a comic book reality, Marvel version.

It is an odd perspective. For over two decades it has worked for the most part though yeah I understand the web. And I am both aspects in one person. Press people who still operate with 20th century methodologies are actually at my mercy. And have no tools whatsoever as far as I'm concerned. That sounds a little wrong to me, and kind of has suited me to some extent. Maybe am just really surprised. Press demystified. But also, the situation does put me in a position of figuring out basics like how do you make money while sticking with ideals and other practical realities.

On any given day my words echo around the planet and mostly in a web way. I could possibly negatively impact organizations that refuse to acknowledge my existence, but would rather not. And as I learn more and appreciate the time to learn, I prefer the path I've taken. The gentle way which turns away from force, and focuses on core humanity and working for a better future.

This post is kind of all over the place. Gist of it really is, I get attention and have ideas that get attention in a world that isn't so good at reporting properly on that reality, so I focus on a better world but do so in a way that is not about making people, but at looking at sharing information best.

Besides there is no rush. So much to learn. Always.

Reading back through can tell maybe more disappointed with the press than usually admit. But then again admitted already found myself rebelling against the idea of celebrity anyway, but should admit here not clear how might apply to me regardless. I'm into ideas. Math things. Defining science. But yeah entertainment ideas might drive some.

Main thing I got I think is time to settle down and get used to certain things, though also it's really cool on a constant basis. For me adventure is just deciding to have some, but always also to keep it in control, though I realize, control must have its limits.

Grew up in a rural area, with certain ideas about way things might go, even if REALLY lucky, and came across some ideas that changed everything far beyond my imagination. But also web had to be here so ideas could easily distribute. And it is. The web is so much that I find it endlessly fascinating.

We are the first humans to finally live in a time when for just about anyone, as guess still important limitations like needing to live in areas where free to speak, your ideas in and of themselves can pull attention globally because they can distribute so easily. You can finally rely on pure thought, if you can put it down some way, like writing on a blog.

That web distribution reality is what made it possible, but my discovery had to be there.

And now by objective measures...well have talked endlessly about it. Think covered enough here.

James Harris

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Facing fear of attention?

Years ago was doing ok in San Francisco having finally gotten over most of my rage at not having some math results of mine--properly acknowledged in my opinion, but also was just having so much fun which surprised me. Got there and went from temp to perm with a job doing data entry. Found myself a regular at the top karaoke spot, and convinced myself only a few things were lacking. Like wanted to find THE woman of my life and figure out how to make money from the web things. I admitted much of that in a short post a little over a year ago that took me a bit to find. as wanted to link to it for this post.

Have had two problems wrestled with for over a decade: trying to get attention for my ideas, and wary of too much attention, from my ideas.

But yeah imagine you have Google telling you with web stats that you have visitors from over 100 countries and you don't quite understand it, and things you try don't work the way you figure they should.

Like I can promote anything I want globally. What happens when I try? Well that depends....

So I worked out the rules as best I could and focused a lot on this blog on figuring out money and promotion and other things. But notice I will not explain certain things, like maybe will at least mention celebrity but will not explain. There's another word I just will not mention at all, which starts with an 'f'.

To me that's cheating. But am trying to be more honest as am getting in my own way enough that as these two conflicting aspects of myself battle with each other, am looking for a resolution. For a long time the wary side has held sway. So yeah was a HUGE event for me back September 2010 after Labor Day to actually put up a photo of myself, which I've used ever since. To me that was an astonishing event that I decided to do such a thing.

Since have used other photos and even have an Instagram which had even more, until posting to it stopped, over two years ago. Though am actually on Instagram every day, but looking at other people's photos.

Do I want celebrity? Nope. Not even a little bit of it. But do I need some celebrity? Yes, if I want to make money from my ideas. Lots of analysis for years with me checking and re-checking and testing other options has left me with that conclusion.

I've been proud of rejecting celebrity though for too long. And it definitely wasn't always the case but had a fantasy before. That fantasy just seemed like endless fun. That's how fantasy works. When the reality was definitely possible found myself immediately rejecting. Still have worked at being prepared.

For me karaoke was a deliberate way to try and learn certain things which worked great. Why I bring it up so much. Learned a lot of good lessons from it. But could only learn so much.

Also watch a lot of documentaries.

Is SO depressing to some extent...stop saying that, must tell myself. I have to stop looking at the negatives relentlessly, depressing myself with tales of tragic celebrity which I study endlessly.

If you know about what I claim and study the timeline you'd know I've had about 21 years to contemplate many things, with a certainty of certain things in the last 13 years, which will be 14 years in August.

Now to achieve my goals I have to learn to step from behind the curtains. That sounds so histrionic to me. Other way to say it is, to get the relationships I want I have to do things maybe not as comfortable to me.

This post is kind of me trying to gently convince myself and maybe informing others? Is hard. I've been SO successful one way. Working to find more success changing a bit--but not too much.

James Harris