Friday, February 03, 2017

When other people are required

There are three areas where I can focus simply, to talk some of the problems I need to solve, where yeah, other people are required for certain things to happen. Like I note I found some math, and yes, you can search to find it with: some math

Still would need some mathematical experts for things to MOVE. Like imagine a reporter wanted to do a story. There's no story there. Just some guy noting he found some math. BUT a couple of mathematicians chime in? How about two or three leading mathematicians? THEN the reporter would have a story, and it'd be a giant one.

And I made up my own functional definition of science. I claim it can explain science, tell you when someone is doing science or not without you needing expertise,, so what? Just me talking. But get a couple of scientists? See? Have a consortium of scientists excitedly talking about this thing, and yup, you have a news story that could lead on papers around the globe.

So why won't they? Who cares. Main thing is I've went down that road somewhat and found doors closed. But I say, who needs those people? Um, ok if I want anything to MOVE with those prior two things, I do. But what if I can just move on?

So we reach entertainment and something fascinating happens, I do NOT need experts.

One of my recent posts sets forth a science of entertainment, which may seem esoteric. If you want an example and are sci-fi motivated you can read my analysis of the BattleStar Galactica reboot to see some early work before I even decided really was a science. Or read me discussing what I call the mood line.

My functional definition of entertainment has the unique ability of helping you understand what entertains you and others, better.

It also lets me deconstruct entertainment including current entertainment which I do NOT do publicly in general, as it can ruin it for some people. Like I watch a movie or a television show I'm often analyzing why it is entertaining. I can even see mistakes as they happen that mess up the mood line. And can see areas of improvement, on the fly.

But like do you REALLY want to know why you're so fascinated by zombies (if you are)? Or why people in capes are interesting? Or how that drama really pulls those emotions from you? I do. Most don't I'm sure.

Good news is that understanding the 'why' of entertainment doesn't mess things up, as it just focuses on YOUR mood, if I'm correct!

But unlike with my work in mathematics or my functional ideas about science, with entertainment I simply need YOU.

I prefer to be entertained anyway. And if my ideas are correct?

The entire world can be better entertained. I find the very idea exciting. Sure world can use math things and science is kind of important but those things take time and in the meantime, I like to have fun. And if I can help a world, why not?

And been working on it for a little while now. Have you noticed the difference yet?

Yeah, sounds kind of, um wacky. Sometimes feel kind of pulled along by my ideas. As yeah, if I can define science which is a big one, then why can't I define a science of entertainment? It's like it seems straightforward then I think implications if correct, then kind of tell myself to stop thinking of such things to control the shaking, or the nausea. I like the shaking better than the nausea.

But yeah can't get ANYWHERE with those other things unless certain experts will support my ideas. And I have some big things that are over a decade old. One is over twenty. Other thing with support from experts is sharing the sense of responsibility. Like hey, not just me with these things. Got other people on the hook too!

The web supports me NOW though, but we're still in transition. In time web authority will be enough.

It is so new but is actually better support for a lot of reasons.

However, I can shift easily enough. And with a global reach? Yeah, I can impact the world of entertainment and it IS fun, and it IS a service, to the globe.

Yeah still sounds wacky. Not feeling nausea though which is good.

Well those are things I tell myself. What would YOU do with global reach?

Besides gives me back a sense of opportunity. Waiting on other people is a pain. And understanding entertainment is win-win. Will admit enjoy entertainment much more now. Even though I tend to analyze much. But that's just part of who I am.

James Harris
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