Tuesday, March 07, 2017

My confidence in use

Would readily admit am not the type of person to contact some scientist and say hey, here's a functional definition of science, you're welcome. While on my own blog of course can present ideas I think can be useful.

However, does mean some might wonder, how do I think my ideas will ever...ok, I wonder too. How will these ideas ever become a part of established systems?

The answer to me as to how I proceed, versus contacting experts directly which I stopped doing years ago, is to focus on the usefulness of an idea along with the ease of information distribution the web provides.

Like I have math ideas which are useful, I think. I can see evidence of that use from various web sources like checking on search ranking which is about linking to content.

Oh yeah, our objective reference reality is really cool. Which I think is correct from the science of cool, where when first heard that scientists had studied and defined it, was very skeptical! And will leave to web search those who might want to pursue and no, has nothing to do with my ideas. Like I said, was very skeptical and also intrigued when found was a studied subject by scientists.

And using that definition of cool which I now accept as was convinced, will note that being able to rely on people outside one's community for important information is a HUGE advance for our species. And some people haven't made it based on their inability to disbelieve things they are taught from within a community.

Web search is about relying on linking behavior from what I've read about it, and focusing on linking is the advance made by the founders of Google with their PageRank algorithm. And I say that web authority will dominate more and more, and is VERY different from say, just asking your parents or some adult authority for information or advice. We have people who take web search in growing areas for granted now.

As people find use with my ideas that can push things--if they do.

To me that makes for a dynamic system which relies on objective measures and yes, opinion of others, but also if I'm correct rewards people who find my ideas and choose to use them, if they are better than others around!

If my ideas are not better then why would I want people using them? I would not.

But for instance, with a science of entertainment, if my ideas CAN work then they can bring predictive certainty into making entertainment, without making doing so any easier.

Like you can know the definition of cool, but does it make it any easier to be cool? No.

It's like science has also defined the joke. And again, you can just do the web search to go check me on such things.

However, knowing the proper structure of a joke, and the science of it, does NOT mean you can tell a joke and get laughs and certainly doesn't make it certain can write one.

Which is like writing as well I think. As there is a method to writing, sure but also an art, as you want people to read to the end.

And if you did, thank you! Now please ask yourself why.

James Harris
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