Sunday, March 05, 2017

Social Awards 2017: Winners

Annual Beyond Mundane Social Awards.

Showing appreciation for excellence in the past year in helping our world communicate through computing devices.

1. Best Social Organization Major--award is appreciation for the best overall company in social media designated as major by total number of users. Includes organizations with greater than 100 million active users for the entire evaluation year. 

Winner of 2017 BMSA's BSOM is: Facebook

2. Best Social Organization Junior--award is appreciation for the best overall growing company in social media not designated major as determined by total number of users or subordinate status to a larger parent organization.

Winner of 2017 BMSA's BSOJ is: Pinterest

3. Best User Interface on a Social Media Product--award is an appreciation for excellence in providing means of communicating that best enables users, with a worldwide focus. Social media crosses many language and cultural barriers which test the limits of humanity's ability to communicate.

Winner of 2017 BMSA's BUI is: UI Apple

4. Best Coder(s) in Open Source Software Product(s)--open source allows the ability to see which code works, and excellence in coding should be recognized in order to facilitate more of it. 

Winner of 2017 BMSA's BC is: Linus Torvalds

5. Best in Social Media--award is appreciation for the person, group or organization which has pushed the envelope in advancing social media in a way of greatest benefit to the world. It is meant to be a measure of substantial esteem, and to set the bar for excellence, to those who in prior year showed the best that is possible, so far.

Winner of 2017 BMSA's BEST is: Innocence Project

Thank you to the people who help connect our world in ever more ways and especially those who through their excellence help push the limits of what is possible in a way that benefits us all.

There is no monetary benefit stated or implied. No medals, statutes or certificates to be presented of any kind. There is no expectation of benefit to me of any kind, nor any expectation of benefit to awardees or nominees of any kind. There is no obligation given nor implied to any party with regard to these awards.

I am acting as a private entity, with an expression of opinion.

I am permanently excluded from any Beyond Mundane Social Award.

James Harris
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