Thursday, March 16, 2017

When objective rules

The web is a connection engine really, facilitating rapid distribution of information on a global basis with minimal or even no cost, like for this blog I don't have to pay a fee. That has been a boon to our world though fights over distribution have been costly, with some desperate to hold on to streams of revenue consumers no longer wish to fill with THEIR money.

And objectively facing how information distribution changes our world is very helpful, and has been great for me! As I've found myself struggling often with how I feel about things or my preconceived notion of how things should be versus the objective reality of what can see from data like web analytics.

Objective rules though.

As years go by and find ways to check that web analytics data in other ways where work at it, realize it is hard data, is third party so not something I can influence anyway like Google isn't going to make up things for me, and there have to be reasons behind it.

One emotion though was easy for me for a LONG time, disbelief. That could let me just go back to whatever I was doing and didn't seem to work too badly as for a lot of years I was looking for that ONE thing that could break through, instead of figuring out what things had worked already.

Lately have focused better with a simple phrase I tell myself: objective measures

Telling myself to focus on objective measures and to that will also add: objective rules

Accept the hard data, wherever it leads. The truth is more important than my feelings.

Is weird though. If I just go with the hard data it is easier in many ways. Luckily have accepted to some extent all along, but also part of me would stay skeptical.

Kept looking for that one thing that would give certainty.

Finally accepting that hard objective data from third party sources is the thing.

And need to keep reminding myself to be very thankful too! To never forget that there are people out there who have made the difference, and without their interest, who knows? Luckily didn't have to find out.

Figuring out best how those abstract numbers represent people and groups of people, where I get a low estimate, has been a hurdle for me, where lots has been because of preconceived notions. In the past would prefer to blame slowly advancing technology of web analytics. Guess it's not slowly advancing. I'm slowly advancing, in ways.

Regardless am getting there. For those reading who have been reading through the years, yeah you've meant a lot to me, even though so often am guessing or just imagining who you are.

Is a cool thing. Our world is so much so often on that edge of discovery now. Nice to find a place there myself and have people along for the fun.

James Harris
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