Friday, June 09, 2017

My blogging reality

One of my favorite posts is from 2016, when I decided to give MY advice on how to use Twitter without getting many followers, which to me could also highlight how contrary I can be. And if curious here is a link to that post.

For those who'd like a synopsis upfront gist of it is: don't be entertaining.

If YOU think I'm entertaining then that is another subject and will not explain why I think that is in this post. But if you think about it long enough, you should be able to figure out why.

At that time I had 144 followers on Twitter which I noted and somehow, despite my efforts I currently have 196, where will admit have been pushing myself to allow it to go higher which may be why it is that high.

To me such information should be useful. Like I have 4 blogs now and have been blogging for over a decade and suspect I have some skills developed. These skills involve me doing what I like to do, which is write a lot. And I even have a post I conveniently noticed for this post where I talk about liking to write.

Yet I feel I should emphasize that yeah, am serious. I DO like to write. And I do like keeping my social media accounts in comfortable zones for me. And if you like things that way, maybe you can do things like I do, and watch in amazement as you succeed at keeping things low.

If you want millions of followers though I wouldn't do things way I do. Because that would be moving in the opposite direction. Duh.

Will admit though have been doing much more discussion with myself with shifting a little bit, where convinced myself can do that and mostly not really shift things much at all.

Which to me? Makes a lot of sense.

James Harris