Thursday, February 26, 2015

Social Awards 2015: BEST detail

The nominees for the final category for my own appreciation awards to be announced March 1st, have been set.

Best in Social Media--award is appreciation for the person, group or organization which has pushed the envelope in advancing social media in a way of greatest benefit to the world. It is meant to be a measure of substantial esteem, and to set the bar for excellence, to those who have shown the best that is possible, so far.

Nominees are to be listed person or people first, followed by groups, followed by companies, in alphabetical order, which is by last name for people.

Nominees for 2015 BMSA's BEST are: Elon Musk, Apple, Google, LEGO, Netflix

This category has the widest possible range, and for a while I found myself debating quite a bit as to nominees. Eventually I found myself with rather arbitrary exclusions as for instance I stayed away from political figures. So got a lot of perspective on how hard it can be even for just an appreciation award.

So found myself with mostly companies and just one person though conceivably there were so many others that could fit in this category, but as for my opinion over 2014, it is representative of what I saw.

Social is advancing ever more rapidly, and some were extraordinary standouts during 2014, in pushing the envelope of the possible. Which is a great thing.

First someone has to show what can be done.

Each of these nominees was a pathfinder showing the best of what is possible with social media last year.

Emphasis is on social relevance.

Another major factor across social media is help in discovery.

These nominees were the best in my opinion in continuing the conversation, for a planet.

With these all nominees have been set. Whew! May be just my opinion but it is also work. Now it comes down to my final opinion.

And then to announce the winners, which will happen March 1st.

James Harris
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