Thursday, February 12, 2015

Social Awards 2015: BSOM detail

Having a lot of opinions on social on the web, and thinking to myself about established awards, it occurred to me that I could give my own appreciation for those I felt exemplified the best in social last year. With categories established for the first, possibly annual if it works well, appreciation awards to be announced March 1st, nominees for the first category have been set.

Best Social Organization Major--award is appreciation for the best overall company in social media designated as major by total number of followers. For start I'll use organizations with greater than 100 million active users. Nominees are listed in order of active users from greatest to least.

Nominees for 2015 BMSA's BSOM are: Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Twitter

For many social media is probably most defined by these companies I am considering. Each has demonstrated clear excellence in this category.

Establishing my opinion in picking one above the others I am focusing on social relevance, with a local or global emphasis.

Local has to do with things most personal to me, like connections with family, admittedly best facilitated by Facebook.

While global has to do with connections to others around the planet, admittedly best facilitated by Twitter.

However, Google+ and Instagram also offer both.

The emphasis on social relevance is related to ease of use, which includes user interface, as well as the power of discovery, which can have a local or global focus--does it help me find local friends, like old class mates? Does it help me interact with people around the globe?

With all privacy is a major issue, as is transparency, and overall feeling of control of the experience.

The best in social give as much control as possible, while facilitating interactions with other people, with the greatest security.

In finding a best for this category the opinion will hinge on the efficiency in my life with which the company facilitated my social interactions last year.

Hard choice ahead. Looking forward to figuring it out. And talking it out helps me to develop a strategy.

Social has to be the focus. So it is a lot about connections made, in the real world, where looking at local or global I can cover the enormous potential given.

James Harris
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