Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Social Awards this year

With 2015 over, am now pondering the nominees for what last year I decided to call the Beyond Mundane Social Awards.

These are awards for excellence in Social Media announced on this blog.

Formats may change from last year. However, nominees will be announced in February like last year.

And winners by the rules I worked out so far, from last year, are to be announced on the first Sunday of March, which is March 6th this year.

When came up with this idea last year had all kinds of assumptions about things that were supposed to have happened by now, which would mean would involve OTHER PEOPLE but will be my opinion, again.

Oh well. Luckily I have no problem giving my opinion. But will be lots of work surveying the world of social from last year! Lots of work.

So have this month to ponder nominees.

James Harris
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