Sunday, April 10, 2016

Would be fun to help Yahoo

So like to describe myself as an Innovator, which got me to thinking what that means, as a thing, and with Yahoo can explain with a bit of fantasy.

The fantasy is, yeah would LOVE to help Yahoo, where actually did give them advice years ago as I like to do that, where could look it up, but think I yanked from the web? Which doesn't matter as of course I can still see it if I did, but gist of it was to give people a blank page.

So like if you just signed up with them, or even if were already with them will add now, you just have this blank page and can add things to it, to build a custom page for yourself with things you want, like news or whatever. So that was it. Gist of my advice to Yahoo which I think is still great advice. So yeah that's free.

It dawns on me now though with years from when I originally put that out there that today could be so cool with empowered consumers especially if you dared to do something truly bold, like let people pick advertisers, like for products they want. Like I know immediately a car company I'd pick as I've bought three new cars from them, and plan on getting another down the line.

Enough for a fantasy post. I have no affiliation with Yahoo. No contact with them. And if by some wild chance they might want me to work with them, am sure would probably say yes, with a contract of course. But won't do anything to make that happen besides this post. And if they wanted to contact me? Well they'd need to figure that out, but would not be hard I'd think for a company at that level. Like follow me on Twitter or something and I'd follow back and could direct message.

Moving on. Oh. But yeah, so as an Innovator feel confident can look for simple approaches outside the box that actually look obvious in retrospect often, and can lead to extraordinary change, like what if Yahoo just followed my free suggestions here?

It'd be like a shockwave across the social media industry.

(Um, but would they work? Of course that is the question. If didn't, then um, bummer.)

I like those kind of sentences. They give me joy. But to me? Innovation IS the way of the future. It is finally time for ideas to rule, and the search for them?

To be one of the coolest jobs ever.

James Harris
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