Sunday, July 03, 2016

Half of 2016 is over and my social awards

So we crossed over yesterday into the second half of 2016 and seems to me like a good time to talk a bit about my Beyond Mundane Social Awards and it is interesting to consider how social media has moved so far.

But of course lots could happen on the march to 2017, and am excited at plenty going on now. May be a situation next year where I handle the awards entirely myself yet again but am calm about that now, as can see a path where eventually that changes. But for now it can work.

Will note that the BMSA BSOM winner Instagram is still doing well. And BMSA BSOM is the Beyond Mundane Social Award for Best Social Organization Major.

Actually all of those I sought to recognize with my own awards seem to be doing ok. Yes, is my opinion, but wouldn't like to just see those I feel are the best in the arena of social media fall apart after my putting that opinion forward.

Of course have to give special mention for the BMSA BEST award winner.

That is supposed to be for the best use of social media from the prior year which lets me expand out from social media companies and technical people like coders. And for 2015, found myself deciding that was Netflix. So yeah can expand out, but still may not go far. But feel like was kind of easy. Not one to give out promotion often, but come on, "Netflix and chill" is a continuing expression. Netflix grabbed hold of that one and is still working it.

To see all the winners--Social Awards 2016: Winners

The date is for the year when recognition is given, where recognition is for activities in the prior year.

So looking now at what is being done in social for the Social Awards 2017.

James Harris
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