Sunday, February 12, 2017

Social Awards 2017: BSOM detail

Like to give my own appreciation for those I felt exemplified the best in social for the prior year and am continuing this year, with my choices to be announced March 5th, nominees for the first category have been set.

Best Social Organization Major--award is appreciation for the best overall company in social media designated as major by total number of followers. Format will remain to the best of my ability to determine will use organizations with greater than 100 million active users for full year. Nominees are listed in alphabetical order. Nominees may be a main company or a subsidiary.

Nominees for 2017 BMSA's BSOM are: Facebook, Google+, Instagram, SnapChat now Snap, YouTube

This category is still rather stable and will admit am beginning to wonder more about format changes while still just getting started but for now is simpler to just keep going recognizing that reality.

Too many of the same, year to year. There has to be a way to make things more lively here. Must ponder.

Establishing my opinion in picking one above the others I am focusing on social relevance, with a local or global emphasis.

And Google+ makes the list this year after dramatic changes including a complete rewrite from the ground up.

The emphasis on social relevance is related to ease of use, which includes user interface, as well as the power of discovery, which can have a local or global focus.

Privacy will continue as a major issue, as well as transparency.

And of great importance as usual is the overall feeling of control of the experience.

The best in social give as much control as possible, while facilitating interactions with other people, with the greatest security.

In finding a best for this category the opinion this year will hinge on innovation where noted a push for video, based on my usage and that of others. Social is more and more helping to show our world in all its diversity which is a constant factor.

Best companies in social facilitate showing the full spectrum of humanity to best advantage.

Social continues to be the focus. So must be about connections made, in the real world, where looking at local or global I can cover the enormous potential given.

James Harris
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