Friday, February 24, 2017

Social Awards 2017: BUI and BC detail

Next up are two more categories for my own appreciation awards to be announced March 5th, nominees for the third and fourth category have been set.

Best User Interface on a Social Media Product--award is an appreciation for excellence in providing means of communicating that best enables users, with a worldwide focus. Social media crosses many language and cultural barriers which test the limits of humanity's ability to communicate. Nominees are to be user interfaces on any social media device.

Nominees for 2017 BMSA's BUI are: UI Apple; UI Android;

Thinking of the concept here, it occurs to me that I would like to recognize design excellence more broadly, so can expand nominees. So I think next year will focus on apps. And with mobile dominance and realizing was thinking mobile all along, thinking will be mobile apps.

For this year though will end up yet again with same nominees as before.

Best Coder(s) Open Source Software Product(s)--open source allows the ability to see which code works, and excellence in coding should be recognized in order to facilitate more of it. Nominees are to be selected from the open source community for an open source product or products that have strong social features. Nominees are to be presented in alphabetical order by last name followed by groups in alphabetical order.

Nominee for 2017 BMSA's BC is: Linus Torvalds

As the only nominee then he is also the winner. And as consideration is for work done during 2016 that one is kind of easy as his work on Linux continues and was fascinated to gain greater appreciation as quarter of a century mark sparked news stories.

Maybe the hardest category for me, as it involves people only, it is also one I see as extremely important to remember that behind the software that does all these amazing things there are the people who write it.

Without the coders, we have nothing.

James Harris
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