Monday, July 21, 2014

Sharing ideas as part of sharing economy

Idea quality is something I think about a lot. Maybe that's a moving target so it's best to just try. Looking over lots of ideas and having my own ideas I like talking about sharing ideas as part of the sharing economy.

To some extent that's obvious, like with an open source application you have a product which people can use to do things, but it's just completely shared with all the ideas within it available to others.

This blog has evolved in my mind into an arena where I can share ideas, where some will be related to my open source application, but I doubt that hampers the ability of others to appreciate it.

Seems to me that can be a fascinating thing as well, as I am a single developer of a small open source project with downloads worldwide. There are decisions I make and things I share which have to do with what it's like to be in this position, and I think a lot of it is accessible to people with no interest in learning to code or administer an open source application, who might nevertheless be curious.

And I have over a decade now with it.

One of the things I like to do is tag certain posts as marketing. The idea though isn't conventional marketing but posts with the goal of clarifying social goals. For instance with this post I want to make clear that idea sharing is important to me, as a goal in and of itself. For me there is a strong sense of what I like or don't like while out there on the web in terms of pushing things on people. I don't like things pushed on me, and see no reason to push. Interesting quality content is a pleasure. You don't have to push quality, if you have it!

And if something is interesting to them, by definition that means people will be drawn to it. Not dragged.

My intent is for the bulk of posts here to be on a broad range of subjects. The Google Translate tool on the blog fascinates me as it opens up the potential for people in a vast array of languages to understand. Which helps with my software as well.

For years I've puzzled how best to use blogs, which is part of the reason I have more than one.

Blogs I think are evolving in terms of their use. I can compare how I use my blogs with how I use other tools like Twitter, and think you can see a specific way in which blogs are becoming more of a natural part of how people and organizations are interacting.

Here I want to talk about things I believe are beyond mundane which is very subjective to me. Of course, whether others agree is entirely up to them.

James Harris
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