Saturday, July 25, 2015

Pondering possible advice

Thinking positive can mean having a plan in case things really do work out in a big way, and then people might ask you for advice! So am going to work that out now with what I'd like to think will work indefinitely as I'm not so much into that giving advice thing:

Have a plan.

Set up expectations--then deliver.

And that's it. If others have given same advice, great!!! I don't pretend these are unique to me. In fact I'd be very surprised if they were. Actually I'm sure they're not.

Love short and simple, which I think should make my life easier with advice that could actually work! And posted recently about having a plan, which includes a link to where I talked about setting up expectations on my Google+, and even if no one else cares, I have these as notes to myself.

Can't help but say more about having a plan, as I think to some people the web is a place where you can try things invisibly, where it's actually a place where even your most simple tries can grab attention from around the globe.

But you have to try if you're going to put up things public.

If you're just going to communicate within close community then it's different.

But public on the web is more public than anything that came before in all of human history.

But how do you have a plan? I think there's lots out there on how to plan. How do you set up expectations? Isn't that kind of obvious, if not got nothing else. How do you deliver?

Now that's where the rubber meets the road.

Always working on that question, how do I deliver on expectations I've set up?

James Harris
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