Sunday, January 01, 2017

Building better takes skills

Readily admit was not a fan of school when was forced to go through it, yet did decide to go to college and have talked what I think is the point of a college education, which is to learn learning, in my opinion. And to find the link to my own post found myself doing what is a new learned thing which is to search on name of the blog, and subject. So searched: beyond mundane point of college

That works for me with Google should note, but suspect that as years go by will work with other search engines but is NOT about me. Is about decisions other people make, which get reflected in search engines. And it takes building a structure on which others can depend on to give what is expected. But how do you get the skills?

For me writing is something I enjoy and of course needed some kind of teaching, where got most of that in school. While was not a fan of school do find myself reflecting on things I realize I learned in college, and not just on the facts, but ways of looking at things. Can at times imagine like a professor is chatting with me, as I recognize this or that skill is not something that just appeared, but was taught to me by a person in a position to teach such things.

But who is your teacher? Is a question worth asking when a person tries to make decisions around school or life. I'm fascinated by people who may have certain skills one way, who might assume they know what skills they'll need down the line as, how do you know?

Who tells you what you need to know?

There are things you can just pick up online, but where are the basics. Maybe you can get those basics online, but then your teacher is who put up that content.

How do you know who to trust with your mind?

To me my mind is very important to me. And as I get older I DO appreciate that I could go places which were yes, part of a social order I questioned often. And yes, felt myself jumping through hoops that society put there for me, but also did not have a way to find better, or trust.

Today people can tell you all kinds of things, but how do you check them?

For me there is a ready reference available, from some of the best schooling the United States could provide, where a lot was free to me, in the public education system. And yeah even in college I was lucky enough to get...I digress.

Main thing is, I know how to do certain things now, where I like to wonder how I know. And reality is: there were very skilled people who taught me some extremely useful skills.

The web does not change the basics. It makes things faster, and allows greater reach, but if you're going to build something on which others can rely, then you need to learn how to build, and how to build reliably.

Just because you build out here with ideas and words, or picture or other things with which you can make a website, it does not mean there is not support necessary to keep it standing. And putting that support in place--building solid foundations--is so much about how well you know how to put things together, I firmly believe. It takes skills.

And as I type and watch the words appear it occurs to me that an effort that is about expressing myself flows as it does, for reasons I can ponder. But the results of that effort will not just be about what I think, but about what thoughts echo. Sharing lets me try. But others will find out whether or not I built well.

That flow can feel great. But feelings don't make reality. Skills help you build your vision. Wanting without skills is a dream without the means to be fulfilled.

Luckily for me, I didn't have to be a fan of school. I just needed to do the work. And thankfully for me as an older person, when it was the time to do it, I did.

There are many schools in life of course.

Plenty of opportunities to get skills needed. The web does make it easier when finding the school you need can be so much about searching.

Maybe then it's not so much about being a fan of school, but about needing those tools to get things done.

Then accomplishment can both rule and define your life. Looking at things accomplished definitely feels better to me, than wondering about what I can do.

I know what I can do, from what I've done.

James Harris
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