Friday, April 29, 2005

Wonderful JApplet

I'm going to take the chance to just muse a bit, as it is a blog, so I guess I should put up some thoughts. Oh, I'm working on a 2.0b release of Class Viewer, but still haven't got the hang of the GUI design fixes yet, as I'm still working on it, and learning how you do it in Swing, which, unfortunately, doesn't seem intuitive to me.

Until I get that down I can't have the Class Viewer use the Look-and-Feel functionality, which I guess it'd be good to have, so I'm working on it...

Ok, about JApplets, and why I put wonderful in the title, well, notice that Class Viewer is a JApplet, but it's really an application meant for the desktop, so why make it a JApplet as well?

Well, the functionality of Class Viewer works great over the web as well--though I've got work to do in that area--and you can do most of its functionality over the web, so it makes sense to have it web capable, and that means I can just put it on a webpage.

For those who want the full functionality, you can just download it and run it as an application on your machine, and it's all good.

It seems to me that where there's a possibility of web functionality, applications should be applets, or have an applet portion, like, if it's a huge app, so that you can demonstrate some functionality over the web.

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