Friday, April 04, 2014

Through rain, sleet or snow

Was happy to come across postings recently from the +European Space Agency, ESA about the launch of the Sentinal 1-a satellite, part of the Copernicus Project.

And with worries about the climate often in the news I think it's great that there will finally be satellites that can look through weather--rain, sleet, snow or whatever--to see our planet, with total coverage.

It's the kind of project that deserves a lot of attention and praise. I thank Europeans for taking the lead in this way.

So cool.

And I know about it because of the web as I haven't seen much in the news here in the United States.

Which is so odd. Consider this quote from a Guardian article about it:

...the first satellite of its multibillion-euro Copernicus Earth observation project that will supply valuable images in the event of natural disasters or even a plane crash.

Wish the system were in place now. And with certain news dominating news channels here you'd think that our media would have noticed.

Our news media in the United States needs to think beyond just saturation coverage for ratings and also cover the big picture including the systems that can help in the future. Oh well.

But hey, I can bring news too in this modern web age! May those who have been lost be found. And this project will help in the future.

Here's a YouTube video playlist which starts with the cool launch yesterday.

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