Sunday, June 22, 2008

Web pushing honesty

Source: TechNewsWorld

Getting Found Out, Web 2.0 Style
By Sarah Lacy
Business Week Online
06/22/08 4:00 AM PT

Web 2.0 technologies and trends are threatening the tiny, white lies woven so tightly into our social fabric, writes Sarah Lacey. Want to call in sick to work after a night of partying? Better hope nobody posted a photo of that night on Facebook or Twittered about it.

A fun read that emphasizes to me that the Web is pushing honesty by making it easier to find out truth. But I think it goes beyond that as the Internet seems to be more interested in finding out lies than in pushing straightforward information.

It's almost like a real force within the network that craves contradictory information.

That force likes finding out dishonesty better than it likes finding consistency which probably means we're in for a completely different world than has ever been seen before with the most powerful force for ferreting out the truth ever known, fully unleashed.
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