Sunday, July 13, 2008

Growth and learning mindset

Source: NY Times

If You’re Open to Growth, You Tend to Grow
Published: July 6, 2008
Adopting either a fixed or growth attitude toward talent can profoundly affect all aspects of a person’s life, a researcher found.

Good article for perspective which actually reminds me of something I read years ago (sorry do not have a reference or link) about how US Seal units, military special forces, have a problem with figuring out which recruits are most likely to get through their extremely rigorous and difficult training.

And if I remember correctly, an expensive study found that those who tended to succeed were those who did not give up, which to me sounds rather circular, but also interesting in what I read was the experience that natural talents did tend to give up.

So people who were stars in high school or college or in some other way, who had a tremendous amount of ability to tap also turned out to be less interested in accepting the painful ordeal of the training.

Hope I remember that ok, but I put the warning about going from memory, and the linked to article kind of has a different tack anyway.