Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Maybe an Intranet friendly version?

I have thought about more development where the Class Viewer program can be used by a development company as a quick reference point for its own developers or others, and there are various ways I might make it work well from a server.

But I don't know if there is any demand.

As an applet I can have it ask users for permission so it can get to the classpath, as well as the packagedirectory.xml, so someone might, say, set it up on their own website, and users could come in and do searches on public methods, fields and constructors for their code.

Of course, it's open source so a company could have one of their Java developers do that anyway, so you see my problem. I figure, why should I do work for something that maybe no one wants?

Especially when if they want it, they can just do it themselves?

Maybe charge for it or something? Setup XYZ Company's webpage to have a quick reference tool for their own code? Gets people to their javadocs as well?

Don't know, but I can toss the idea out on my blog. Not that I'd do it though, even if there were interest. I have a problem committing myself to such things. And besides, it's not hard, some other programmer can do it easily enough, and it is open source.

James Harris
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