Thursday, June 17, 2010

Code work starting on 5.0

Looks like I'm starting code work on Class Viewer 5.0, which may sound strange--don't I know?--but things are different when you're a single developer with a somewhat mature product as Class Viewer is now over 6 years old (first on SourceForge February 2004).

The thing is, you wear all hats. Which means I end up in weird kind of arguments with myself. So the project administrator is worried about a stable baseline, ok have a new beta-5.0 branch, the developer in me wants to toss in all kinds of new features--um, are you sure?--and the project manager is trying to schedule times around my busy schedule for the actual codework. Plus any other jobs that just don't occur to me now while typing this post up quickly.

But at least I feel like I've resolved a lot of issues in my mind that have hampered my interest in development and I'll admit that one longterm possibility is coding for cellphones. And it also turns out that Class Viewer is my primary development tool, so when I think about doing more coding, and opportunities appear to be emerging in doing apps for cellphones, I start looking at ways that it can be a more robust tool for me, and maybe that means something more for others as well from this project (but maybe not).


Sunday, June 06, 2010

Back to basics, re-learn Java?

While I've done a little programming here and there--usually a little bit of code for some math research--it's been a while since I've done full-time computer development so I needed to buy a book and found that Head First Java has worked out.

Nicest thing though? It doesn't look to me like I forgot much! But I'll know for sure as I ponder making more changes to Class Viewer. So far so good though with the latest minor update release, but it remains to be seen how much I really still know as I contemplate bigger changes.