Sunday, May 01, 2011

My tab ad video idea

I like to do web searches around things related to my research and various interests, like on the names of my blogs, so I was doing a search on "lostincomment" and was fascinated to find a link to Search Engine Journal showing comments I made almost 3 years ago--back May 12th according to the date on the site--in response to an article they were doing about Youtube launching new ads for video.

Thing is I used to sit around and think about monetizing Youtube, for various reasons, and toss ideas out there like on my blogs. And one day I'm thinking to myself, hey, they should have a tab on popular videos that says "Ad Supported" and if people want to see the ad and who is sponsoring the video, they would have to click on the tab! (I know, maybe seems a little dumb.)

Here's a link to the Search Engine Journal article with comments.

And here's a link to my original idea on my Lost in Comment blog: Stealthier advertising

I still think my original idea is clever, even though presumably most people would never click on the "Ad" tab, so never see the sponsor, but others might and sit through a full commercial.

So I'm tossing it back out there into the mix. Of course Youtube monetization is not the news item it was way back then when so many questioned if Google could ever figure it out.

James Harris