Saturday, October 05, 2013

My concept of the Infi

A few years ago I started mumbling to myself about the Infi--the INFormation warrIor.

Totally a knock-off from the Jedi from George Lucas, of course. And such a fun idea.

Mostly I've tweeted about it, but thought, why not put something on one of my blogs too?

The idea is that today you have these people who operate in cyberspace as individuals who can really shift things, so it's like real-life Jedi but their powers are not about the physical so much as about wielding information through the modern web. So I call them Infi.

Like Julian Assange would definitely qualify I'd think as an Infi with this concept. And so would PFC Manning, and Eric Snowden.

So are they good or dark adepts?

No point in asking the current Executive Branch of the US Government which may wish to think one thing, but unfortunately there are times it can seem to be like the evil Empire of Star Wars, remarkably enough. Change from such behavior would be a good thing.

Actually it's very weird how much our modern world can be paralleled with the vision of George Lucas, where you may note there were senators and dark political intrigues.

The Jedi moved through this world as remarkable individuals able to change things on a galactic scale.

Today there are individuals who can stand against entire nations, thanks to the power of the web, who live a life that is so far definitely rivaling fiction and even inspiring it.

Possibly we are moving into a different world, with the rise of the Infi.

Here's a tweet I made a couple of years ago:

If so, I suspect it will make the imaginations of even the greats like George Lucas seem not quite up the task of a world where speed, information, and change can happen in battles in cyberspace that can engulf a world, where many people are barely even aware of them.

But their lives are changed regardless.

Here is one of my favorite tweets from me playing around with the idea. I don't take it too seriously. But at one time I thought I would be a science fiction writer but now mostly just muse about things on my blogs.

Still that urge to be dramatic is still there:

To a better world.

And, again, I'm not taking it all too seriously. I'm just a guy who loves to play with ideas. And my concept of the Infi is just one of the fun ones.

James Harris