Tuesday, February 25, 2014

As of today 10 years

Today marks the 10 year milestone from when I registered my open source application Class Viewer for Java on SourceForge, and I guess I should commemorate that with a post. So here it is.

Downloads over the last 10 years are 35367 from over 150 countries.

That last one is what keeps me thinking and open source software is definitely a way to put something out there that people all over the world can use.

I highly recommend putting something out there.

For must of us not celebrities, rich or whatever, how many ways do you have to in any way speak to your planet? Give something useful for it?

But as magnificent as that sounds typing it, perspective is that popular apps have billions of downloads and have downloads from just about every country.

For example, what other application came out the same month as mine?


Enough said on that subject!

And my application is not done. I think I may have learned a few things over the last ten years and I still use it.

It has been such a cool adventure so far. Pleasantly quiet in most ways but there have definitely been some interesting things over the last ten years.

Thanks for the interest over the last decade! There is a profound pleasure in putting something out there that people choose to use.

I'll end with screenshots showing the country counts:

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