Saturday, February 07, 2015

Social media escapes me

Was pleasantly surprised to see a post surveying my own use of social media become my most popular post, but then I wondered if maybe it was just the title. After all even in the post itself at the end I noted my meager follower counts which actually suits me just fine. I've never been drawn to the idea of tons of people paying attention to things I put out there. Seems like unwanted pressure.

My own strategy is to focus on ideas. Throw them out there and see if anything happens.

So do I think I have valid points about social media nonetheless? Sure. I like my own opinions, which I think is kind of a built-in thing with most humans.

Got a blog so I can express them. Are they correct? Time will tell.

And I don't think not wanting or having lots of followers is a prerequisite to understanding social media any more than being a millionaire or billionaire is prerequisite to understanding money, on which I also have opinions, without having much of that either.

The other reason I talk things out is because I do that on subjects that interest me. And social media definitely interests me while I readily admit it escapes easy analysis. A lot of the time I'm very much puzzled by what I'm seeing.

But at least there I figure I have plenty of company.

Regardless happy the post was so popular, even if I'm not sure why it was. The explanation there escapes me too.

James Harris
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