Thursday, June 04, 2015

Information gathering against science

The notion that if you could just suck up all the information there is on every person on the planet and process it with massive computers you could predict, well, everything is a fun fantasy against science. And yes quantum theory can have impact but it's micro, while I think more relevant is chaos theory, which is macro and deterministic but rather dramatic.

Like, the Butterfly effect became very popular even in mainstream culture but seems to elude people as to consequences, as even with all that info, prediction can escape.

And it's like how too many in my country were unfortunately programmed by rather bizarre media presentations in fiction claiming over and over again that torture works, so they think it does, even though it's cruel, evil and does NOT work.

Similarly I think too many naively find it easy to believe that governments studying all their personal data is a way to actually stopping bad people.

Which is why principles are great and smart people put things down in writing, like in constitutions. Yes, people trot them out all the time but the Founding Fathers of the United States were really smart people who deserve all that attention.

They did a great job with the US Constitution without a doubt.

A sad thing in the US today are people who don't quite believe in science and they don't quite believe in the US Constitution but they do believe in SAYING they do.

I want the bad guys caught as much as anyone, which is why I want techniques that work versus fantasy.

Science is so powerful, and mathematics is so powerful, but how many people really understand them?

Of course over time people see reality as the check which forces change.

James Harris
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