Monday, June 22, 2015

Trying to define entertainment

One of those things I like to do is find what I call functional definitions, which are functional in that I can use them all over the place in the real world. Like to me, a functional definition of science would mean I have a process for determining if something is a science or not.

And recently I realized I wanted a functional definition for entertainment.

Talking things out helps me critique them, as hey, it could be wrong. And this one has me a bit more fascinated than usual.

entertainment (noun): any socially accepted activity chosen in order to alter mood in a desired way which is unlikely to bring harm in any way.

If that's not what you expected, good! To me my functional definitions tend to head off in a direction different from others, like where's the fun?

Trying to go more formal from the start in a prior post.

James Harris
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