Saturday, June 06, 2015

What kind of blogger?

Interesting to me to think of myself as a blogger but am thinking not in a traditional way, which is meant to be ironic as blogs are so new. Then again it is more of an oxymoron? But I think it does have a certain ironic tone. Short of it though is I try not to be into novelty, and avoid contractual obligations. Which functionally means I like posts which can sit up indefinitely, without me needing to fiddle with them or remove them, which means people can read things I wrote years ago as fresh as if I'd written them today.

So not interested in PRODUCING novelty, so I actively avoid putting up creative content out of novelty. It's really so I don't keep seeing stale things, as I review material a lot.

Doesn't mean I don't have posts which grab more attention immediately than later, but usually none of them grab huge amounts of attention, but more a steady drip kind of thing, which is what I prefer.

Even my open source project is the same way, which I definitely prefer. It actually averaged just under 10 downloads a day for 10 years. To me that's a stellar accomplishment.

Oh yeah, so avoiding contractual obligations is just some kind of strong preference of mine, as I don't like feeling like I'm tied down, which creates practical problems which I'm considering. In essence it gets in the way of making money which is consistent with my analysis of money flows. That's why I did all that analysis. Needed to figure it all out in order to come up with a solution. Contracts can be odious things if you're not careful and even if you are! I simply tend to avoid them altogether which I admit is childish on my part.

But thinking more on it, realize I currently do have some in play, like with AdSense, but they are ones I can terminate at any time.

James Harris
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