Monday, January 04, 2016

Figuring out success can be hard

One thing that got me really thinking when was living and working in San Francisco was how close my life was to optimal. Concluded really just needed a girlfriend, who really loved me, and that would top me out, as had a job I loved. Worked at this corporation doing data entry entering numbers into the computer. All day for hour after hour I had the pleasure of typing in endless numbers, watching one pile of paperwork go down while another went up. And could work idly on math problems in my head.

It was about as good as it gets!

Imagine, day after day, month after month, year after year being able to just hour after hour type in numbers into the computer system. I had that, yeah, for years! So wonderful.

I love numbers.

So yeah, just needed a loving girlfriend to make my life complete and that's where met challenges, despite efforts like becoming a regular at the Mint, a local karaoke bar. And it's not like wasn't a way to meet women either. Met hundreds.

Now thinking hard on it all, concluded--love is just not easy.

James Harris
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