Saturday, November 26, 2016

Best kind of support to me

Steady support is the best and am massively thankful for the support from lots of places that has helped me in life. And here really glad for that constant where more and more work to provide the same as is so grand.

Doing more assessing than endlessly creativity which was where things went for YEARS as I've pondered quite a few interesting things, looking for simple answers and had the comfort of knowing there were people all over the world curious enough too.

And not something massive that might have rattled me will now admit. Just a calm remarkable, when I would check, and wonder maybe here and there why suddenly this dozen countries, or hey here is this country where a sudden big interest.

Now with 4 blogs, where each has its own purpose, and at least 3 of them with a history now of visits from at least 50 countries on an annual basis, feel like web is that place where comfort of interest has been a support for me as a reality I should cheer.

Still don't understand it completely. Do feel like I have LOTS of work to do in reaching out more for engagement versus just me sending out, like with this post, but am appreciative of what it has meant for me.

To those of you who have been reading, thank you.

And that has been going on for more than a decade now. This blog has been around since 2005. Maybe it actually has been the steadiest as well in terms of the interest I can see from web analytics.

Yeah it has! For me Beyond Mundane expresses a wish as much as a promise.

There are answers which can be understood, should be shared, and those answers can provide a thrill that is out of this world. Oh goody that really sounds not like what I'd usually put here to me.

Is what have felt though, and wanted. To me is the thrill that is the point. When learning is excitement because I want to know. And there is only so much time to learn. And if you think you've learned something grand, why not share?

Sharing is SO much of the fun.

James Harris
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