Sunday, November 27, 2016

Functional reality of interest flow

The web allows a relentlessness of attention which is neither good nor bad in and of itself but to me is ALWAYS testing. The web probes. Those probes from the web check every aspect of something which means I take it for granted that every angle of something I put up public WILL get noted, in someway by someone.

So I like to talk of web as a singular abstraction but reality is human interest, and with public items that interest can flow 24 hours a day, every single day. Those endless checks fascinate me. I can watch the impact, and they help me find errors will note, no matter how small, like even minor grammar ones.

For me that functional reality is needed as for instance I will put up something with light editing and then edit over time. And part of the point is I'll get feedback by various means, which by now is hard to explain. One way is to note that at times posts will bubble up I like to say, as people seize upon something in them, and then I'll see that and study the post until see what drew the attention.

That can go back years. And at times it's like, why now? I don't know but can guess, and as years go by and experience this reality am recognizing I see things differently.

That constant flow of attention naturally seeks out error, so I can take that for granted. And I think it will be interesting over time to see how the web polishes certain areas.

My blogs contain the work product of constant attention from around the globe over more than a decade. With three blogs getting most of my focus during that time, while my latest less than two years old benefits from lessons learned.

The web polishes, as the attention flows, and finds every single little thing, no matter how small. If I notice then can fix! So I work at reading the signals.

It has dawned on me that my standards are now at a level I must be cautious when considering others who have less scrutiny.

To draw global attention for over a decade there is comfort in maintaining a standard that makes experience feel easier.

Though for me is usually a gentle thing now, where attention flows are a constant, ever present. So it's like sitting by an ocean watching the waves of attention, come in and go out.

That is a functional reality based on experience. I find that comforting.

It's not what I imagined would be.

It's what has been the experienced reality.

James Harris
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