About me

Defined by discovery have found myself working at figuring out how best to present. Where web enables much.

Like from 2004 to 2014 for my open source Java project had over thirty-five thousand downloads, which turns out only averages to about 9 downloads a day, but from over 150 countries.

That product is an open source Java program for software developers I call Class Viewer.

So yeah am potentially known like to say, in over 100 countries. But what others talk about me? Um, would really like to know actually. Seem to operate with a tremendous amount of quiet around me.

Where I have lots of content out there, where this is just one of 4 blogs, and also have other social media.

Grew up in the South, in Tift County, just outside a little town called Tifton, GA, in the United States. A farming community.

Practicality matters to me as something from that culture.

Things are supposed to work. And is so much better when work well.

Got a profile photo to include where realized after, whether looks like am smiling or frowning? Is so much about your mood. Is kind of old now do realize,, from 2010.

James Harris
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