About me

With an extreme need to discover found myself focusing more on simple useful ideas. Why? Easier to understand. Not necessarily easier to discover though! And feel like am best described as a Meta Innovator as do focus a lot on my own experience.

Driven to find simple, powerful ideas, I've learned to greatly appreciate the power of the web in helping you. Like a super cool, friend ready to assist you, 24 hours a day. What a great time for the idea focused.

And coded up a simple application over a decade ago still used all over the world.

That product is an open source Java program for software developers I call Class Viewer.

It helps software developers look over Java classes quickly for basic public information and get to more information on those classes, quickly.

All kinds of innovations in it, while staying simple, as use is so important and to help people use an app with as little effort as possible I believe the GUI is the thing.

People need tools that work best--not ones that require a course before you can do anything or worse have endless options buried for only the most dedicated users to find.

Grew up in the South, in Tift County, just outside a little town called Tifton, GA, in the United States. A farming community.

Practicality matters to me as something from that culture.

Things are supposed to work.

Problem solving has always been important to me, and science as well. Have just an undergraduate degree, which is in physics.

Like Java for practical reasons: it travels the world.

I firmly believe things should simply work, and work well.

Got a profile photo to include where realized after, whether looks like am smiling or frowning? Is so much about your mood.

James Harris
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