Saturday, June 21, 2014

Possible Class Viewer changes

Been thinking about some changes to my Class Viewer app which I think of as more cosmetic which makes me wonder about doing them, but thought I'd talk the potential changes out ahead of time versus just doing them and seeing what happens.

One thing I'd like to do is get rid of the "Weblinks" drop-down from the top menu, and put all the links into the "Help" drop-down, which I think makes more sense. Also the one link not mine I might have in the help section is:

That makes sense to me as it's a great tutorial on Java which I've used myself to refresh. And it would fit there I think.

Also I'd like to rename packagedirectory.xml to ClassViewerConfig.xml which I think makes more sense. I'm thinking about putting in more functionality into that xml file, and it's really a lot more than just a package directory at this point.

If I make that change would make it look for the old file if it didn't find the new one so it wouldn't force people who were long-time users to change the name.

Very speculative I've wondered about some kind of xml format for handing information to other applications.

But the reality of what I could do say, overnight if I felt like it, would be the first set of changes, removing "Weblinks", consolidating the useful current links under "Help" and adding the Java Tutorials link, and changing the name of packagedirectory.xml to ClassViewerConfig. xml are easy enough to do.

Oh yeah, I've realized it's easier to use this blog for help and instructions, which is actually kind of industry now. A blog post is easy to update, and can be as specialized as I need it, which is why there has been a shift in that direction.

Thing is, I can blog about my app when I feel like it, like in this post, or otherwise rant and rave about just about anything I want.

Blogs are just so freaking useful.

Oh yeah, any Class Viewer users who have any thoughts on these possible changes, please let me know.

Easiest way is to comment on this post.

James Harris
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