Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Comfort in ideas

The web has let people disconnect from points in space for relevance to words or other content, so you can be anywhere in the world with web access, and share ideas.

That is such a big change it can be disconcerting. But it can also be comforting.

For me for years found my curiosity driving me to figure things out. And felt like had some success, as well as frustrations but has been a great adventure. Where more and more appreciate how you can think about things or as I like to say, muse and come up with some ideas, and put them out here on the web, and see what happens. And nothing may happen. But that's ok.

The ideas can be products of imagination, or creativity in problem solving, or kind of mysterious as where do ideas come from really?

Once in our world they can be endlessly reproduced, shared widely, and in our times that can be done with zero costs to the producer. So for instance I can take a picture and it can move all over the world without me being aware.

Yet value remains or the Mona Lisa in her home in France would no longer be the most valuable painting in the world, though her image is probably the most shared in the world. Should I even link there? It's not necessary. The fame and celebrity of the painting make that irrelevant.

So how is that possible? How can an image be shared endlessly but the source remain valuable?

Do people lose as their ideas flow around the globe if they cannot control that use?

Open source software says no. And without open source we would not have the web world that we do.

Yet how do you find values in ideas in the modern world? If you produce an idea, or as I prefer, discover it, how do you retain value? Can you?

Most of those who come up with ideas--yes those are ideas too--saying no, say is because humans are thieves who would prefer to steal than pay. That view of humanity is cold, dark, ruthless and can fuel certain types of business practices.

My view is there are basic rules, which simply need to be learned. And when people see value, most will return the favor given to them. But don't try to make people bend to your will.

The revolution in information distribution that is the web reality is just beginning to transform our world, as it is in its infancy. For instance, information still flows rather slowly in many ways in my opinion. Connections are still being formed through vast networks slowly connecting our world at speed. We have social media in its infancy, despite its clear power, especially political power and growing influence over commerce.

We have the Wikipedia but need more. We have vast amounts of human knowledge coming online, but need it all.

We are just beginning to see the possible.

Yet so much is just some musing. Some words typed by me as I think about such things. Ideas that can be easily shared, and if some others see value? Great! If not, am not diminished in the sharing. Started typing a few minutes ago. And fifteen minutes or probably a half hour after editing is not so much for me.

Ideas are there. Sharing is becoming a natural way. And the ideas? They can duplicate and flow as much as needed without diminishing. Ideas are harder than diamonds when correct. Flow better than water. And change, without losing anything.

Ideas are the catalysts which drive our future. And ideas are the comfort of tomorrow.

Ok, now to edit some. I'm tiring of typing.

And I think am done editing for the most part, but who knows. May still fiddle with this post here and there, indefinitely.

It fascinates me though, how easily it can all be. To go with the feel and flow, write some words, and put them up.

More fun than to not do it, for sure.

James Harris

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Facing reality is better

Recent posts have been LOTS about facing some things squarely which also settled some things, and is about problem solving. My three main blogs really are focused on solving various problems, like Some Math is focused on math, and Lost in Commentary is on politics, while this one the sky is the limit. And I had Beyond Mundane working on figuring out how to proceed with my new blog which is actually commercially focused, so I called it Seriously Commercial.

And the blog worked through questions raised in other areas, which pushed back to the other blogs to settle certain things where had not been clear. Will not go over again as the recent posts cover.

Bit of promotion here, as a recent post on my new blog covers three areas of attention: Public, Personal and maybe Press.

This blog is getting ready I think to going back to the usual, and yes I talk about my blogs as if they have personality as it's more fun! Also helps me keep things straight.

In the past the three main blogs worked together ALL the time, as I thought that was the way things should work, and routinely promoted each other. Now they just don't.

Turns out there's lots of theory as to why. But that theory is given across them, as I talk a lot about promotion and followers and social media, oh, mainly on this one. So I guess that theory is here.

Am more into focusing on labels, instead of giving links. Also like to suggest search!

Is SO cool when you have that option to just suggest people use web search and that can work with your content.

For instance you can search: Beyond Mundane promotion

And of course just did it after typing and looks like worked ok, for me.

Web search can be so individual though, and LOTS of posts did remember to label. The label is below this post. Can just click on it.

James Harris

Sunday, April 09, 2017

Chasing dreams too

For years I focused on simple discovery, admittedly wanting a major result of my own, where I had decided as a teenager back in the 1980's that I could achieve something big. Scanning possible areas I was tempted to go into fiction writing focusing on writing a great American novel, but was concerned that evaluation was too subjective from others. After some thought I decided that in mathematics I could rely on objective evaluation. I was 18 years old.

Now 29 years later, have gone more meta. With active discovery behind me, found my curiosity still piqued by innovation but do not want to be stuck in an area. With the label meta innovator I also give myself freedom to consider innovation wherever I find an interest in it.

Am really glad for those objective assessments as a teenager though. As human beings we are so competitive and who knows if I could have written a great novel or not, but now I know for sure I could have had a fight to get it recognized if I did. We are only now coming to grips as a species with how much of what we thought we knew of so many people was faked to preserve a certain point of view, deliberately excluding vast categories based on race, ethnicity and gender among other arbitrary things not relevant to reality.

Good news is the history is still available, so can still learn of people who were not properly cheered in their times so that others could take all the credit, who can still get a belated honor as humanity learns, more.

Always amuses me when people talk about chasing your dreams whatever they may be, because I DO agree, but some are best to maybe quietly nurture, especially if to succeed you will change your entire world in some way.

Like what if they knew for you to succeed would change their lives too? Better be a good dream then, eh? Is not like you're asking for permission.

Now am focused on the meta of knowledge itself and glad for dreams that pushed the notion of impossible out of my mind. Older and wiser am glad for what I did not know then, so I tried where I might not have, if knew better, and greatly appreciate the knowledge gained along the way.

Yeah, go chase your dreams and see where they take you. Worry not about recognition, or what others may believe or not, as long as you focus on good, look to benefit others as well as yourself, and have the fortitude to face challenges that will come.

Now am focused on the science of entertainment for practical reasons. I want better.

Is so much more fun and relaxing too, than looking for something so brilliant it will in some way help make a world shine a little brighter.

Entertainment? That's just so much more about fun.

James Harris