Monday, July 16, 2018

Where is my celebrity? Should I know?

Realized years ago there was plus to having money so separate from my web activities as allowed me to learn as much as possible, without the pressures around occupation. To make money you obligate yourself in some way. Like for data entry I was expected to show up during the workweek to my job and do data entry among other things. But when learning can be hard to set proper expectations.

Also made it much more fascinating for me, as studied those web analytics showing such steady attention. Where reality is, was learning, and now with more than two decades of experience on the web, there is a realization know much as a result.

And was all separate from money.

There are two primary ways I get global attention: from cast off from my ideas which draw the bulk of attention, and from the conversation around things I put out there.

The conversation is where there is the possibility of celebrity, where for a long time I would claim to have none, as was unaware of conversation. Then admitted I probably had a little, and finally accepted I don't know. What I DO know is a lack of chatter from sources I've checked, where focused in areas really that dominated in the 20th century. Now am wondering how to check elsewhere.

But yeah, by various measures, have things that pull from 100+ countries every year where that has been true for around a decade.

(What does it take to interest people all over the world? Year after year after year? Guess I should know, eh?)

Can I simply give myself celebrity? Maybe to some extent, but I debate reasons where only one can muster is to make money from it. Even then would need money people as I like to call them. And would be pressured then to do things, like show up.

My attention reality regardless is really cool too though, of course. And is curious to ponder how can gather so much attention one way, without all of certain other. Readily admit, if up to me, would just as soon keep it that way. Is so weird though too. Celebrity IS just the conversation, and nothing else. If you don't have people chattering away, a certain way about you, then you escape many things.

However, cannot simply work to learn without ever putting into practice. And would like to make money. There are goals that are out of reach until I do, and is a good thing for society as well.

My own estimate is that the US economy has lost...too soon to do that yet. Because the situation is delicate. Ok yeah, inspired by cool lyrics from a certain person. I DO study celebrity. And study celebrities.

Watching them I consider my choices and decisions.

How many people get the luxury even without money of possibly simply...yet I keep wondering. Still there is progress. My caution is not stopping anything. Just am moving slowly, like a person on a frozen pond finally getting a sense where the ice is solid.

Or this post would not be published.

James Harris

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Explaining jstevh handle

Am in my late forties and have reached a point of appreciation for how the web can make you feel like you are back in school, struggling to learn. And have used this blog to talk much problem solving of me trying to figure things out. But also am lucky in that there were notions that occurred to me early that I feel now were great.

Like decided to build a handle from my name and back then was going to be part of branding as that was en vogue. But now is more practically a way for ME and others to keep up with things. Where primarily is good for social media.

And made handle jstevh from my name: James STEVen Harris

So I pronounce like: Jay-Steve-H

So why the emphasis on my middle-name? Well here is a post that explains how I grew up called by my middle-name. Which I always think of as very much a Georgia-thing. But I guess actually happens lots of places. Though am confident is a known Southern kind of thing along with nicknames, like Billy-Bob.

But now most people call me James, which is kind of interesting. And yeah, a few people call me Jim.

Except back home, and oddly enough with some co-workers who knew me as Steve in San Francisco, but I talk all that in the post.

Oh yeah, so turns out worked out with the web, and am glad started putting that handle on a lot of my social media, where also on my G+ profile is where try to keep up with them. You have to click on the About section. Not sure why G+ doesn't let me just link to direct, or maybe they do, and I just don't know how.

So yeah, there is a method there, and am glad had that good idea early, versus so much had to learn and STILL am learning. The web is still in flux, changing rapidly and ADVANCING in so many ways. Is one of the coolest periods in human history, ever, am sure.

We get to be part of the evolution of one of the greatest arenas in human thought and communication.

James Harris

Friday, June 22, 2018

Pure attention reality and measuring impact

Readily admit did not react well when finally got objective evidence of a decent audience response to some of my ideas. Which is an interesting way to put it. Another way to put it is: struggled with handling properly global interest across several areas from a coding effort with an open source project to my math ideas and beyond.

This blog was made by me over a decade ago to try to get a handle on the beyond would think, from the title. Seems lately to be where I try to process things. And for over a decade there have been people out there keeping up with my content and apparently linking to it, and finally got more thankful. You're all kind of the unsung heroes of my story? Yeah, those of you who fit that description are. I DO focus so much on myself. But for so many years it all just seemed so strange.

For so many years have wondered what is real and how to know. That can really make life a struggle because you still have to make decisions regardless, on the daily.

So much has been and still is a mystery to me. And yeah, mystery matters but I mean that to be about not showing too much to your audience. Some people like to peer behind the curtain, but more just want the performance.

Objective reality here though is telling: have maintained global interest by objective measures from 100+ countries, where THAT number comes from downloads of my open source project for over a decade.

The blogs like here, except for Lost in Commentary, trend to 50+ countries where am relying on third party sources with much from Google. Like I use Google Analytics for country counts as can look at on a yearly basis and even compare between years. I also rely on Blogger stats to some extent, but they are less extensive, for some reason. What's up with that Blogger?

And is very mysterious to me who you all are--out there, all over the world.

Maybe I should work on that, huh? Will consider. There are HUGE positives to me with how things have gone. And have talked here much about the web benefit of being in control, yourself. But the big negative is: then how do you make money? Which to me seems kind of pathetic. Never thought money-making focus would end up driving so much. But also is forcing me to settle things.

We can get a pure attention reality where you share your thoughts and people can be interested, or not. Without so many intermediaries who could too often in the past simply be gatekeepers, who could block people just based on their moods or discretions.

In our times we can know just how terribly that worked as SO many people who would never have done well in the old systems, are getting global now. Guess can count myself as one? Guess I should.

So yeah, I need to work on the mystery. Who are YOU who may be reading now? For those who have supported me through the years, amid the ranting, and the endless repeating of how unsettled I am, and who knows what else wacky, thanks!!! Reality is, most of my global attention is just from ideas that I share without some huge production.

For that to work though, especially to stay at the global level is about the audience for the content.

That is just how such things work.

Measurement though is so much about other people. Sure I can control the content here, and my decisions to post or not, and edit or whatever.

But measuring things like how global this blog is? That is out of my hands.

Information about interest comes from others.

James Harris

Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Some quick background

Grew up in the United States in Tift County, just outside the small city of Tifton, GA, actually next to a farm. Is a rural area. And is part of what is known as the Deep South.

  • Went to my first college course at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College usually simply called ABAC when I was 12, where I got an A, with a simple course to me on BASIC programming language back in 1982.
  • Went to Duke University twice as part of their Talent Identification Program also called TIP, which is summer program for gifted youth. Studied math first time and computer science the second, with a course in Structured C taught by a researcher from the IBM Research Triangle.
  • Had highest SAT of my high school class and went on to study at Vanderbilt University, where got my degree in physics, in 1991.
  • Random information: had six college credit hours before graduating high school and didn't bother to declare them when enrolled at Vanderbilt. Later asked and they said was too late (I think if remember correctly). Oh well. Didn't matter though.
  • Enlisted in the US Army after graduating, oddly enough but feel like was a great decision. And I worked my entire time on active duty in medical areas. Like at first was primarily an EKG tech is the civilian but the military title was way cooler: Cardiac Specialist

Did tend to confuse some people though.

Debating if should add more or not, and think this particular post works for just some tidbits, from so long ago seems like now. Last was over 20 years ago.

James Harris

Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Comfort in time with global

With a rapidly changing world is not surprising to have things that can rattle you. And for people who build things that operate globally in any way, am sure there is quite a bit to that reality. Where for most that will be as part of some organization, and include lots of structure.

And that would be with a single global product, where for me there are roughly half a dozen is my rough estimate where have talked how consider.

So imagine a global team with one thing and how that might stress them as they work to maintain. There IS a global standard folks. Just look around you to consider various global entities. Where I readily admit do that often. And at times am checking also where that standard is, as shifts.

Then imagine a single human with a global thing, who is not me.

To get to me, consider someone who has at least half a dozen, he thinks. And I have to manage all of it. Where I primarily use 4 blogs now, where this one helps me consider such things.

Maintaining a global presence in our times is an interesting challenge to me. The competition?

Is relentless.

However, usually am competing with myself, which I noticed when that got really hard, and started lowering my expectations. Like for this blog is 60+ countries annually really necessary? By web measures from strangers I have to trust anyway? And realized that 50+ or around there is good enough for me!

What does it do to a person though? I wonder. More and more am looking at other things in different ways as get even more meta. More curious about, how do I do it? I realized, I probably need to know.

And there is a relentlessness to the activity in a way though more manage as thankfully everything is on, and available 24 hours a day. So what is in flow as I like to describe it, is a constant thing to consider.

Any fixes have to be done while everything is in full production, unless am building something HUGE like a new primary portal, like was happening with my latest blog. Otherwise full production mode, for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year is the basic standard.

Where new things like this post, go quickly to in flow, and then I edit until satisfied with option to edit just about anything, anywhere if a command decision to do so is made.

Eventually I think executive function has to be always there but in the background lots, where web makes that possible. Often just need a smartphone and a web connection and if necessary can make executive decisions. But best thing is for that to almost never be necessary.

But have awakened in the past like at 2 am realizing need to fix something. I really do not like that happening. Get on the web, get it done, and get back to sleep then. Reminding myself to work harder, and smarter. Efficiency is a necessity or you just cannot get everything done.

People check things relentlessly. You need things operational that are always there to answer.

To my mind is primarily about a focus on functional ideas.

So much about attention elsewhere in our times has been about mood chasing. Like entertainment I say is just a way to safely control mood.

Focusing on ideas as attention drivers has long been a working concept for me. And I like to talk about my ideas as entities.

The ideas actually do the work of drawing attention when people find them useful, so functional perspective is best is my philosophy. And the web enables global distribution, which is rapid and constant. Yeah that explains a lot.

As rattled by web disruption as have been in the past, time has allowed a certain comfort to return. Experience can be a great teacher. With new things so revolutionary like the web is only way I know to learn--by DOING things.

So I try things, and try to figure out what happens as a result. Is fun, usually. More comfortable with global now, but so many years of massive effort to get here.

James Harris