Thursday, August 25, 2016

Mood line

To me the simple view that entertainment is a way to safely control mood--or try to control it--is very effective, and has helped me figure out when something meant to be entertainment works for me, or not.

And it is SUCH a simple idea, where that safety aspect of controlling mood also helps contrast with things that can not be safe, like alcohol. People drink alcohol to help control mood too, and if drink too much, is definitely very NOT safe.

More importantly as a fan have realized can now easily explain a sad thing when writers or others with some creative endeavor, like a television show comes to mind, break what I call the mood line.

So it's like, you have your favorite television show, and it helps your mood, where can be a complex constellation of feelings. And I've talked the mood of a completed television reboot in a prior post for reference, where show was successful but I was unsatisfied with the ending. So you enjoy watching some television show and then inexplicably there is some episode that just seems to ruin everything. What happened?

I say the people who create the show, broke the mood line. And now can say that means that suddenly the mood the show evoked for you, was ruined.

Why is that done?

In my opinion it's always an error. Which is why as a fan I like mood focus, as writers can think it's being creative, or producers can say it's needed to advance the show, or expand the audience when is WRONG. When I say is a sign of ignorance. They just don't quite know what they're doing.

Modern audiences are being more brutal in addressing screw-ups too. Which I think is good.

It's not creative to disappoint your audience. It's bad performance.

Besides, if you understand the mood line you can do just about anything with the plot. Which is why you can see entertainment where the plot is shaky but it gives audiences the mood they want.

Mood is more important, because I'm saying that's the point of the entertainment. People are entertained when proper mood is evoked. If it isn't then they aren't entertained. Kind of like when at a dinner party and things are great and someone spits food on you laughing too hard at something. Ruins the mood.

Plot is important though too. And I think especially over time bad plot or plot holes can fail to get people to the proper mood. But in our times I think things have been so bad for so long with mood that people are kind of desperate.

So yeah as a fan who has been infuriated at what I see as bad writer or stupid executive decisions or whatever the dumb is that messes up entertainment I like, as well as someone who feels entertainment is a great thing for so many people to safely control mood, lots of reasons to push better.

Oh, yeah, if you want to help me, if someone talks entertainment? Just casually say something like, well entertainment really is just a way people use to safely control mood.

And play it cool too. You know like, everybody knows that kind of thing.

But of course I just made that up a bit over a year ago.

James Harris

Thursday, August 04, 2016

Notions am pondering

The web is a great way to express yourself. And more and more feel confident can say people are switching to the perspective you should focus where you have interest.

Sharing interest with others can work. But also you can run into antagonism if people are territorial which in my experience is in traditional fields where there is an established social hierarchy.

But the web doesn't care.

The web can actually be like a really cool friend which will endlessly give you little bits of encouragement or help guide you better if you are on the wrong track. Or just ignore you, if you're just totally not doing anything that interests others.

Because the web leverages attention.

Build something useful? And likely people will use it.

Question often.

The curiosity of the web is changing our world--it represents the curiosity of so many human beings on the web.

And human curiosity? That need to know is what has pushed our species to where it is today, which has both good and bad. Not so horrible I think as mythological tales might lead you to believe though time will tell.

Something I've noticed is that our curiosity is defining. It will take you somewhere, if you really have it. How curious you are will show itself whether you realize it or not.

For the most curious, it will drive you.

Best if your curiosity leads you to the best ideas, for a better world.

James Harris

Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Free thinking for fun

Putting up ideas on a blog is fun, and one thing I also learned to do is to emphasize am some guy--as I like to put it--working at my own approaches to things.

But in our complex world we have experts who can dedicate a lifetime to fully understanding certain areas who gain that expertise with intense schooling or other training, and I shy away from areas where that is necessary, in my opinion.

So for instance wouldn't attempt to give medical assessments, or legal opinions, or any of a number of things where I don't have the expertise.

Where I do operate is in the arena of basic ideas at the very foundations, like I'll puzzle over what is science, which is meta science. Or try to consider the essence of what is money. Or more recently have focused on entertainment.

And it can seem strange but knowing what science is, is completely different than the complexity of a scientific discipline. Like you can know what an automobile is, without being able to tear down the engine.

And LOTS of people use money just fine, without having to have advanced training in economic theory. To me that is kind of a clue. Like I know calculus.

Who uses calculus just for fun? People who know calculus and most people don't.

Takes advanced mathematical training to do calculus for fun. But millions of people, um, billions of people use money without advanced training. To me is an indication of simple basic principles.

Focusing on the most basic of fundamentals lets me let my imagination run free, while also letting me test things rather easily. While also allowing musings to potentially be accessible to others with interest without it having to be a big deal.

And believe me I know the complex areas. Like let me start babbling about partial differential equations and how many would keep reading?

While some people would find that intriguing and follow along ok.

(If you DO want to read me talking a partial differential equation click here.) 

Ok I used to know a lot more calculus than I do now. Haven't used it much for fun recently though I did look over a couple of years ago variational calculus and it finally made sense! That was so cool.

James Harris