Saturday, October 22, 2016

What I think is the point of college

When I get an angle on something I tend to run it into the ground and in my opinion the point of college is to learn how to learn, versus simply being taught, which is what happens for most in school before college. So I say, that college is to teach the meta of learning itself, so the point is meta learning.

And that's my opinion, and now going to talk a LOT about that opinion for the rest of this post. Where will note that most people don't seem to want that, and if you get a high school diploma or equivalent in the US, you can do quite ok with the rest of your life without an intensive educational environment teaching you how to learn while teaching you lots of others things. Like you can get a job, have a family, set goals and live a great life, which raises the question of why do others take a different route?

Curious I did a search, and not surprisingly found myself with information displayed from Wikipedia, which said that 31.96% of Americans aged 25 or older get at least a Bachelor's degree. That search was:

what percentage of Americans get a college degree?

And that is copying and pasting and italicizing, where I probably figured I'd do such a thing so I did it that way for effect. And Google search just displayed the info I gave here, where the reference given was: Educational attainment in the United States

Plenty of people just want to get on with that being an adult thing, while college at its most intense, where you are there at the college or university as a full time student, means deferring on full adulthood. And college students are kind of like, um, looking for a characterization. Let's just say, college students are not functionally considered fully adult by society, which lets them work still on learning, while usually being legally adult, as in the US that just happens at age 18.

Of course college teaches actual knowledge, but technical school does that as well. But along with knowledge itself, college I say, teaches you how to learn, which can give the additional flexibility later in life, of approaching the subject of learning itself in a certain way enabling greater facility at moving into new areas of knowledge. Whew. I like those kinds of sentences.

Which means that scientists usually need college as being a scientist is a lifelong quest of learning how to learn better, I think, so scientists I suggest never fully grow up.

My opinion of the point of college am sure contrasts with those who think it's about getting a well-paying job which raises the question of, why would it be so associated if my opinion is correct?

Which I think is about the greater flexibility that learning learning itself, so that you are a meta learner, gives greater facility at moving into new areas of knowledge, which can have a greater monetary value, in general. Yeah, still love those kinds of sentences.

Lots of people maybe just want someone to tell them what they are to know, like to do their job most effectively. Or they already know what they need to know to achieve life goals.

Like, if you're great at business, know LOTS of how to do business, and just get at it, you can do very well, and become extremely rich, without ever having a college degree, which plenty of people have done.

That roughly 1 in 3 Americans feels a need to get a Bachelor's degree and get that done is something I find intriguing. To me, roughly 2 in 3 Americans then end up doing that adult thing without grabbing that level of accomplishment of completion from a place that pushes them to learn how to learn, if they do bother to do the adult thing.

But you can learn meta learning without college I'm sure.

From my perspective as a meta innovator, I feel like meta learning from college is just so convenient, and maybe helps to lay those foundations with a solidity that is hard to get otherwise. But is not impossible.

So do you need college? In my opinion it's the kind of question that in answering most people end up deciding no, at least in my country, and for those who answer yes, it's maybe about an inner child that isn't necessarily understood as such, which to me makes it even better. I only recently accepted that maybe growing up is not so bad, but am still working on it. That adult thing? Is so hard.

James Harris

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Try web reference about me

Describing yourself can be hard, but even harder, how can people know is true? Which is how web authority can help out as I use web reference. I will italicize things to search. If you choose not to search though can still learn things about me. But how to know if true or not?

My biggest attention draw globally is some math I found. Where am not a mathematician as my degree is just a B.Sc. in physics. Another way I get global attention is with my open source app Class Viewer which is for Java developers.

There are phrases where I decided to take over and use my way, like "meta innovator" but there search may vary a LOT depending on search engines, versus ones given before. I prefer when quotes are not needed.

Also can be rather dramatic like I decided to talk about "short timeline reachable goals" which makes sense! But my usage was first I could find anywhere with web search! It amazed me. With quotes can see how restrictive that kind of thing can be. When I did while back would get zero search results.

And that's enough of that I think. Just trying something out. There are others I could use in lots of areas as am into the meta of learning itself, so I have plenty of things I like to discuss or explore.

If those searches didn't bring up my things then this route failed. Oh well.

Oh, but if worked, you may wonder why. Well according to search engines is driven by linking behavior, so is about what human beings all over the world are doing. I have no control over that either. So it is an objective measure

Checking to see if web reference can help me with an authority problem, as mainstream sources refuse to, um, do they refuse though? Not sure. But I can't just say, go to this human authority or that one to back me up. So am looking creative.

There is also other practical reality that people will wonder, and may even ask, what's your deal? And for me for YEARS that has been HARD to explain. So working on it.

I like to try things, and see what happens! And yes, when I do blog posts like this one can see what impact if any there is. And usually? There is a reaction. So kind of just in a mood to see what happens so enough typing. Time to edit and post!

And have posted but am still editing. Which means post may change until am satisfied. But gist of it will remains the same.

James Harris

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Accomplishments are cool

Actually paid more attention this year to college graduates back in Spring, so yeah months ago but finally talking it here, as found myself contemplating 25 years since my own college graduation.

Where of course graduating from college is an accomplishment, which was on top of graduating from high school, where will be 30 years next year. And have been thinking much on how big of a deal it is to have accomplishments where you can just trot them out easily.

But yeah is also cool without those particular ones as many have done well, and I use that word cool a lot because I like it. There is just this good feeling with it which I will not give up just because I use it much as do plenty of other people. And it's not the word's fault, cool is just such a cool word.

Explaining things to people? Not so much fun. And society gives you these arenas for accomplishments that don't take a lot of explanation. But also is a good feeling when you're down and worried may be out, and can remember.

I've been there, when had to remind myself.

It is weird though all the varied things that amaze me more now. But then managed to get so much done--navigate through a new environment, make friends, and figure out how to do laundry. And explore, explore, explore if you're me, often with an abandon may wish for later, as necessity was in the need. And with my school downtown Nashville, Tennessee was a fascinating playground.

It took decades to just feel a warm satisfaction with such past accomplishments, which to me is a good thing to put out there. To remind myself how often you appreciate your accomplishments maybe so much more than you realize in decades to come.

So best thing I say is to get as many as you can when you can. And yes society will trot out some good ones to have, like graduation from various places because society knows what it's doing.

James Harris