Friday, March 16, 2018

Wacky cool story really

So to recap, Black guy, me, decided decades ago to put the kibosh on American racism with my own major discovery picking math to beat denial. I succeed, in 2002, and get denial anyway so just keep stacking up the major discoveries, including publication in 2004, showing a BIG hole in the current methodology that lets math guys fake results if they wish.

Flash forward, keep pumping out things, and web lets me know have pulled interest from 100+ countries, but somehow the money is missing! And I keep working at things, and go political, as well as define entertainment functionally.

Where lots of wild happen with the real world, where actually am involved there with MUCH, but that denial thing is STILL happening.

But web finally starts tearing enough of the old systems apart that maybe more people will believe me, while I get better at explaining my story? Maybe? Definitely practicing quite a bit.


To me is a great story also in that is kind of ironic, given history of United States. Some Black dude gets the honor of my discoveries? Why not? Went looking for new ways with math because of American racism, I think. Also is probable there was a part of me drawn in that area. Potential apparently and motivation for lots of reasons and got the results. And at this point the deck is so stacked in my favor I succeeded it blows away any kind of sane doubt.

And of course now reject concept of race as science is now calling a social construct. Am certain was just made up by racists anyway and like to talk that opinion, and we are just one human race actually. So don't even feel resentment for any group by race as, got all that previous? No such thing really as a Black race, so no such thing really as any of the supposed others. We are one human species, whether we like it or not.

Can be simpler to use the old things for dramatic purposes though, as am doing with this post in calling myself a Black guy. Why not? May as well finally get some good use from racist crap. So yeah tone of this post is very different than others as VERY deliberately try to exploit.

And was right to worry how things might go as old systems collapsed but thanks to the web have lots of other examples! Like why fight to keep people from booking and paying for rides from their smartphone? Where getting those levels of attention without so much of the rest DID collapse my revenue making ability. Which has turned critical as have an eviction notice and just days away from being kicked out on the street.

The resistance to truth though. And having to figure out these systems, where posting here helped unravel them. But for a long time didn't understand how, especially with the quiet.

As human advancement is good for us all. And I picked math for a reason! Not an area can lie, or hide, or mislead with claims like mine. So am easily checked!

Wow, just think if had picked some other area. Should just be glad had the math ability and the results were there to find. Though there is a mixed feeling. Just good for anyone to find them really.

Our species advancing is what is important. Greater knowledge helps us all.

Ok and last thing for you if an American press person possibly still in AWE of people I helped bring down, where many are predators and your worship of them will seem like a disease to people in the future, when that comes crashing down and truth stuns you into acceptance?

Just ponder what it means to really seek the truth. For me? Is key to the great adventure which just keeps rolling along.

Web is shredding so much and replacing with better rapidly. Just wish were faster.

James Harris

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

How intellectual assets can push

There were a lot of assumptions I had in the past about certain things where my experience as a person having information content drawing interest from around the globe has shown those to be completely wrong.

Like yes, knew the web lets information fly more easily as solves the information distribution problem, but maybe was less willing to accept at face value my early successes. Like my open source software project roared off in ways, though not with big download numbers.

That mixed message was understandably confusing. And would be years before had more objective data with country counts where now realize went into a bit of shock. So would repeat and repeat and still repeat, but then you are a person with a global product in over 100 countries, now what?

For years figured would figure it out eventually while trying lots of things, but did not understand the money connection. Spent years working on understanding money, to only realize that developing business connections was important, without being sure how.

Where for too long took for granted having what I now call a regular job, where that gets put out of reach when you consider for some company dealing with a potential employee who should have a company managing that product in over 100 countries.

And that was just one global thing. Also have my blogs. Each is massively global except one, which is Lost in Commentary, which is more US politics focused is why am sure.

As much as I like to be meta in that I reference my own experience can run into limits with that where with global? How do you learn? So look to others.

Like am using Google as a reference more as they had a service without revenue for a bit, so makes me think, needed to sell something to investors? But what? Google eventually noticed little ads could work is how like to put it, and didn't even figure that out completely themselves. Another company was doing something or other and they all worked that out.

Which is comforting. With my product Class Viewer if had worked at it, might have forged relationships with software companies maybe? To promote their products especially if new somehow, through some connection to my app? Just guessing but even with that is more focused than in the past. Where am vague as now brainstorming just a bit.

Of course for YEARS was struggling with the math things. Where didn't even know how to explain. And in the past would have considered too wacky for me to feel credible talking to businesses. Now is solid, and have a good handle on how situation is like it is. Looking at Uber and Lyft with taxi companies helped MUCH. Could watch another situation where innovation was running into massive resistance where is SO simple could appreciate how that behavior is more emotional than rational.

So my various intellectual assets, which am thrilled to have, got me to a place where am potentially known as like to put it, in over 150 countries. The pull of the ideas is real influence, which means can have a beneficial impact on the world regardless of other. And have zero revenue as too long resisted understanding fully implications of such things in terms of difficulty with a job relationship like before. While for a long time did not feel confident enough because of math things to establish best business relationships.

Whew! Well that explains much. It does not explain all though, but covers a lot of ground.

So yeah, I DID have to work to explain the math until could do so potentially for some business evaluating a business relationship. And have had to explain the country numbers as to how could have such global reach, without revenue. And had to explain the influence without the money.

Which has been a lot of work, but glad most of that is done, with quite a few blog posts.

James Harris

Driven to know

One of the best things about the web is easier access to information. Have noted to myself now when simply do a search when in the past would have had to plan a trip to the public library, or merely speculate on something or go from memory.

That ease of access to information shifts promotion as--why listen to some person paid to tell you something if you know someone who used something, or can tap into benefits of thousands of conversations of people using a product talking on social media? Discuss that line of thinking more with this G+ post as find it convenient to simply link out there.

Which explains how I gained influence with valuable knowledge including knowledge I discovered, as web enabled that to flow, and more and more people look to best sources.

Also reveals how separate other systems actually are, which then helps explain my problems in figuring out how to make money. The systems for making money are appropriately completely separate which is an odd conclusion to consider for people brought up in the 20th century.

People like me who grew up in that time were presented with so much where it took money for that to happen. Which was often the money that paid for television itself from advertisers, as television was the primary line to the mass market.

But television was and is a MUCH smaller pipe for information than the web, which is being nice and absorbing it, in a process of slow digestion which will help television in the long run am sure. And television was SO MUCH one way, while now social media means that television shows must keep up with feedback or ignore at their peril.

Web simply gives more information. Like in looking at content that is still firmly behind or going behind paywalls with movies, can learn much about when people are quite happy to pay. And I think is when feel get a good value for that money, where how do you know? And then can understand better how finding quality on the web for products or services where people wish you to pay is still problematic in general.

So yeah, does make sense how I could immediately gain vast influence with the reality of major discoveries and powerful ideas, while finding that separated from other things like money and celebrity.

(The press refusal to discuss me is another thing entirely though.)

That also is a global benefit as yeah, lots of things WERE believed about money am sure and still are with plenty of folks. But now I have valuable information showing just how wrong that view is, and simply.

Have my own story, but also now feel better understand the example of Google and the rise of web search as well as what happened with competitors. Where paid advertising? Does Google need to advertise web search?

My understanding is, no. And now feel like have a simple explanation where being meta, relying on my own experience has given important clues to figure it all out. Which is helpful for people around our planet.

Now then, still DO have to figure out how to make money myself. One thing though is that as people better understand please talk my story! That is so much what celebrity actually is. And do NOT want much, but somehow am in a bizarre situation where everything I try, to make money, runs into a wall.

Is an intriguing puzzle.

Have been forced to rely completely on community for years now, even for small amounts of money making with work, where that is community placed and temporary.

Or just talk to me: what is going on?

Can figure out so many things and have things with demonstrated usefulness to the world, so why so much quiet? And why so hard to find anything whatsoever can do any more where get paid in return for my efforts?

Am I missing something?

Regardless there is the global benefit as better understand how web has helped so much already, as more and more we focus on people who know best. Which gives us better knowledge rules.

James Harris

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Rethinking my analysis

Have talked much about things, and finally admitted that was a goal of mine with discovery to combat racist thinking, where had a big discovery in 2002, and more since. So now over 15 years later is time to ponder yet again what is going on.

Of course simplest thing is: racism is in play there too.

Long have avoided that one, as have global reach. And for quite some time figured that racist suppression should be nullified by lots of countries but maybe was a big naive, eh?

My prime counting discovery though back then rewrote the thinking in one of the biggest areas of number theory. Had another HUGE result that went live in 2004 that revealed a massive flaw in thinking in number theory.

And eventually wandered into other areas, and can racism explain certain people ignoring all of it? Or making the appearance, as I got VAST amounts of influence anyway?

Regardless why did I run into a wall with making money?

And really happened almost immediately after I put my picture up...ok, maybe have been deliberately obtuse on that one.

But is like, how much does it take to tear down that wall?

You beat the system. Can explain the system. And somehow am still trapped by this simple thing of figuring out how to get some revenue?

Yup. Can we just say American racism is fighting back against me in the old way that worked so well against those freed? Which is to somehow cut my revenue?

Is not like it changes much in OUR times. These things like this blog are free. My social media is active relentlessly 24 hours a day. Just does make me uncomfortable.

And just seems SO MEAN to me, but why is it happening? Am not sure. Must ponder.

How is it being done?


James Harris

Monday, March 12, 2018

Value, market and the web

My view has long been that the web gives you the benefit of easy, wide distribution of information, which for an information product or service should be great! However, of course with such easy also there is more competition, which I also think is great, for consumers, as long as people can find best quality.

Web authority helps there greatly which for most is simply search!

Much to help then in producing great business for information on the web, but where is it?

Considering things as typical on the web now, still appears that money is being used more to try and capture people's attention with an endless war of trying to push ads with mass market approach, which people naturally endlessly try to avoid.

Yet the web has the potential for so much smarter.

Also with my own things have the oddity of global attention in a community way, which has been so separate from money, am finding have to talk it--and solve the problem.

So what is going on?

Well let's say I have a product which primarily involves information, like software or a picture, or a movie, and I want to let people determine quality and pay me if they think is a quality product, how can they?

Relentlessly global systems on the web do NOT give people the ability to pay after determining quality first.

Yet people do that all the time--for purchases made off the web. They even use the web to help check and to help find quality things, to go buy something like at a store.

Where that is so obvious am more and more suspicious.

Who are the people helped by the system as it stands? Money people and people with big corporations where more and more are working to dominate the web.

Where the web can simply push back. Web can destroy any corporation with its current level of power and is getting stronger. Or less dramatically, customers can rapidly find out the truth through the web, and what business can survive if bulk of its customers abandon it?

Like consider movie industry in my country, discovering can no longer rely on made-up arbitrary rules for movies, but needs to make movies audiences actually want. Because social media helps us know.

The marketplace of ideas is coming am sure. But lots of financial misery too often in the meantime for people with quality products and services who try to rely on web primarily now, as keep finding are forced to money people, who try to exploit them ruthlessly from what I've noticed.

The worst, in my opinion, of the money people work to turn those they control to a telemarketer mentality--pushing relentless promotion in demands for attention BEGGING people to pay them for things, or threatening them if they do not PAY UP.

That does not lead to great business experience. And again, notice where can find such business behavior OFF the web, eh? Like where. Will ponder and maybe update. Probably some huckster zone.

Is interesting, so I study. And THAT is the full explanation. The web has the potential but the frameworks have to be established so that once you figure out quality of a product or service FIRST on the web THEN you can pay the person who actually is providing.

James Harris