Sunday, June 29, 2014

New release: Class Viewer 5.1

The new release for my Class Viewer is out, and I'm calling it version 5.1 where it implements changes I said I was considering in a prior post. One thing I decided to do is just leave the packagedirectory.xml name completely behind. So it doesn't check for it. But that's just a file name change to ClassViewerConfig.xml which is easy enough to do.

Did some code clean-up which included getting more generics implemented.

Kind of relieved to have the new release out. It was easy enough from a coding perspective but I'm more concerned about doing these things in a more sensible way so it felt different from when I cared less.

Thinking more about marketing by realizing it's not really about me so much as if I can bring value to people who like the application then that's a good thing. So I'm adjusting my perspective.

I think it's worth it to--I guess proper phrase is--upgrade, as you have a more sensible name for the xml configuration file. And you can keep your old packagedirectory.xml by just renaming it to ClassViewerConfig.xml so easy and that's what I did. And there is actually one less menu item on an already simple interface, and oh yeah, the web links are meant to be helpful so are now under "Help" on the top menu:

Class Viewer main website on SourceForge

Any comments appreciated. Putting this out during the summer helps make it less pressured so I have lots of time to make sure everything is working well before things get busy again come September.

James Harris
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